Ondu Motteya Kathe is a Perfect blend of Sarcasm and the Inhibition of Life


Ondu Motteya Kathe – The Tale of an Egghead is one of the Offbeat Indian movies that have successfully managed to hit all the right notes and push all the right buttons to tell a story that has to be told. From its very first scene to its climax, the movie is so interactive that you will relate your life instances to it without your acknowledgment. Director Raj B Shetty has won in his first attempt and this victory will be sung for a very long period of time.

ondu motteya kathe

I don’t want to put this movie in any of the genres and typecast it because OMK is something that has to be experienced in the darkness of a theater. The beauty of that darkness is that it will not come to your visual sense and when it comes to you, life will take a deviation of its own.

OMK is a simple story of an Egghead Kannada Lecturer living in Mangalore. The inhibition of being bald and the way it is portrayed through a subtle humor is the X-factor of the movie. Here, the storyteller has carefully weaved the unexpressed emotions of an introvert and his insecurities through witty dialogues. Full marks to the situational comedy and to the Mangalore dialect which fits so perfectly in the story. OMK is a super sarcastic movie that has redefined the art of cinema and story telling.

ondu motteya kathe
Image Credits – Deccan Chronicle

While the movie runs on the wheels of humor in an unheard silence, the story takes a twist. The twist that breaks some serious assumptions will open the doors to the actual idea of the movie. This particular scene has come out so well that you will forget all the comedy and surrender yourself to it. Following this twist, the movie ends in a happy tone with a message that spells out the true meaning of love.

OMK is a story of you and me told in a different angle. Final words – It is an entertaining, engaging, and a beautifully shot film which you can’t afford to miss. Please go and watch in theaters because the beauty of Cinema lies in the darkness of the theater.

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