On A Lighter Note, Here Are The Professions Dhoni Can Chose For His Post-Retirement Career

MS Dhoni announced his retirement from international cricket yesterday. Although his separation was always on the cards, yesterday’s sudden announcement took everyone by surprise. Nevertheless, everything has to move on, and we wish him luck for his future endeavors.

Everyone would now be curious as to what MSD would do next. Although he has plenty of options up his sleeve, we thought we can give it a twist with a few funny options. Please note that it’s only on a lighter note, and there’s absolutely no offense meant for anyone. But before that, let’s take a look at a few practical career options for the legendary cricketer.


A role in the Army

This is already in place, and it needs to be seen if MSD would pursue it full-time. Knowing MSD, this job may well form the chunk of his second innings.

Cricket Administration or Coaching

That’s a no-brainer really. While coaching is something that would still take some levels to cross, Dhoni is a great man-manager, and that will help him in cricket administration.

India Cements

He currently has a top role in India Cements and going by association with CSK, MSD could as well take this forward. However, we aren’t sure if he would be interested in it.



That’s far-fetched, and if it happens, it will be a brilliant cinematic curve. Indian Railways can also not imagine a better ambassador than MSD for their organization.

Okay, while that’s the end of the practical choices, here are some ‘unconventional’ vacancies that seem fit for MSD to fill.

Freezer Operator

Known as the ‘Captain Cool’, who needs a better candidate to operate your freezers out there. Be it any calamity, we promise you that your products will always remain ‘Cool’.


Helicopter Specialist

He is definitely the best in the country. One who created it, MSD is aware of all the nooks and corners of a helicopter. So, we can fancy the helicopter shot coming again, ain’t we?

Auto Blogger

It is well known that MSD is a fan of the automobile, and his large collection is proof of the same. In fact, with so much at his disposal in the garage at Ranchi, any Auto-magazine can easily hire MSD for his valuable reviews.


Be it any adverse situation, MS Dhoni does not fail to make a match out it. The case stands when he is batting, and also when he is behind the stumps. So, why can’t MSD take the role of a matchmaker then?



While normal human beings measure time in seconds and minutes, India’s best wicket-keeper measures it in micro and nanoseconds. Well, that’s an extremely competent timekeeper for you.

Kennel Owner

It is well-known that Dhoni’s favorite animal is the dog. He has plenty of them to keep him company at his farmhouse in Ranchi. With so many pawed friends around him, Mr. Dhoni can become a brilliant kennel owner.

Metal Finisher

There are plenty of metal finisher jobs out there in the industry. But, who can finish things better than MSD in India? Hence, MSD is an auto-choice for this role.

Cup Manufacturer

Cup Manufacturing is an art, and coming to Dhoni, he is the Picasso of it. He has held almost every cup on the planet in his hands, and hence, he is a great pick for this profession.



He would give the best in the business a run for their money. A style icon even now, MSD has not yet lost his charm. Add to this his enormous fan-base, tickets would sell like hot cake at the box-office.