A PG Medical Student in Hubli Commits Suicide Due To Harassment And This Is The Society We’re Living In

omkar hubli student

Getting admission to a medical college is very difficult and it is all the more hard for those coming from rural areas. When boys belonging to rural or tribal areas became doctors it really is a moment of pride that inspires others in the community.

But not always does it all end well. And the same goes true for Dr. Omkar, a PG student from Hubballi who was studying in the Department of Pediatrics in Rohtak. Sadly he allegedly committed suicide due to continuous harassment from his head of the department.


HOD Allegedly Made Life Of Omkar Miserable

After joining the Department of Pediatrics residency at PGI- Rohtak, Dr. Omkar came to know the ‘real’ atmosphere at the college. Reports suggest that many in this profession are already aware of the entire thing but have out of fear or some other reasons have decided to keep quiet about it. Facing someone who is at the opposite end may not be that difficult as compared to those who are at your back or feign to be on your side.

If reports are to be true, the head of the department allegedly made sure that the life of all the students in the residency was made miserable. There were many issues like lack of support in medicolegal cases, complaints about trivial issues, written memos, repeated thesis corrections even beyond the due date so that the students are adequately harrassed continuously making their life a hell.

To top it all, the resident students also received threats of getting failed in the final exam if they did not do as per the wish of the HOD.  



Lack Of Infrastructure As Well As Humanity

Statements such as “I do not care whether you live or die” on a regular basis show how inhuman was the treatment meted to the students. Moreover, the doctors were forced to work in wrongly designated areas as ICU’s which sadly did not even have an IV set. The PG students even then continued to work as they had no other option.

Certainly, you must have the nerve of steel to stand all this and not react. Dr. Omkar was a sensitive man, bonded to his family and eager to attend the wedding of his sister. But his leave was not sanctioned. Rather he was threatened that if he leaves, he will be failed. Father of Omkar, Manik Baridabad said that his son was upset as he could not attend the wedding of his sister. The wedding reception was on June 23 which is why Omkar had asked for leave on June 22.


His brother Mahanthesh studying engineering in Bengaluru has said that had they known that the HOD was using Omkar as a punching bag whenever she was upset, they would have asked him to come home.  


Doctors at this hospital work 12 to 14 hours a day and do not have any real offs. So, it is nothing short of a prison cell. On 13th June 2019 finally succumbed to all these inhuman pressures and hanged himself in his room.



Cold-Blooded Behavior From Administration

Sadly, the administration of PGI Rohtak decided that they do not want to be part of this. Even the FIR was made after the students protested. It was a height of cruelness when the administration did not even meet the family members when they came to take the body.

The residents from the college have now filed an official complaint but nothing is being done as of yet. Colleagues of Dr.Omkar are using #justiceforomkar to spread awareness about this incident so that such a cold-blooded act comes into the limelight. Dr. Omkar had cracked the national-level exam entrance exam to secure a seat at PGIMS, Rohtak.

It is highly saddening that such a young talent of the country had to kill himself because of pressures from HOD.