10 Popular and Old Book Stores of Bangalore selling Kannada books

Old Book Stores of Bangalore

The book industry is long gone. So say the e-book lovers. But there are many authors who are filling their coffers with money from publishers. We are speaking about English authors. But in Kannada, yes, books are getting published. There were/are many stalwart writers in Kannada. As a resident of Karnataka, we must feel proud of our eight Kannada writers who have won the Jnanpith Award. The number of Sahitya Akademi Award winners for Kannada is 61. Who can forget the famous verses in Kannada of Sarvagna and Purandaradasa? Are you a staunch follower of Kannada? Then hats off to you. We have received mails to write on old book stores of Bangalore selling Kannada books. So, this is the prime focus of this article.

It is sad, that the reading of Kannada books is reducing among the Kannada population. But it is heartening to see some Kannada publishers going out of their way to promote Kannada language. In this article, we spotlight Ten book stores that sell Kannada books.


1. Aakruti Books

There are some who always long to help others. And if it is about a language, then there is no need to speak about special interest. You can find a similar situation in the life of D N Guruprasad. He heard complaints about the non-availability of stores selling Kannada books from neighbours. He opened the Aakruti Book Store on 1 January 2011 for the citizens who are in Northern Bangalore. He gave up his software job to run the store.

The store sells Kannada books, rare ones as well the new novels. Do you stay near Bashyam Circle, Rajajinagar? Then you can shop at this unique bookstore. There is no need to go to Majestic to buy Kannada books in Avenue Road or elsewhere. For further information, contact on their Facebook Page or call the number 080- 23409479.

Old Book Stores of Bangalore

2. Total Kannada Book Store

One of the unique stores in Bangalore. It sells Kannada items of every category. So you get movies, audios, books, tee shirts, Kannada calenders, Raajyothsava items. The owner of this shop, Mr Lakshmikanth’s vision is to preserve, promote Kannada language. They also have an app. They also introduced a Sanchaari Store (Van) to sell music, movies and books. The shop opened its doors for the public on 2006.


Where: Jayanagara 4th Block.

For more information visit – totalkannada.com

Old Book Stores of Bangalore

3. NavaKarnataka Publications and Book Stores

One of the older book stores. Established in 1960. It has strived to promote book culture by publishing and distribution. Their main mission as per their website is “Service to Mankind through Books.” At present, the book center has published 3800 titles. Kannada lovers have to rejoice, as the store has published books by Kannada authors. The Publications boasts of having popular outlets in Mysore, Bangalore, Mangalore and Gulbarga. For more information – visit the website of Navakarnataka


Because of its versatile programs to promote Kannada language and sales of Kannada books in Bangalore, Navakarnataka publications definitely finds a mention in our list.

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4. Ankita Book Store

Established in 1980. Located in one of the old areas of Bangalore, Gandhi Bazar near Basavanagudi. The store is famous for having books of Kannada as well other Indian languages. It has a loyal stream of customers and book readers. You can find famous Kannada writers coming to the store. So, if you want to chat with a famous Kannada author or want to get an autograph, then Ankita Bookstore is the place. For more information, visit their Facebook Page.


Old Book Stores of Bangalore

5. Vedanta Book House

Agreed, there are a few old book stores which sell Kannada books, but they have not gone digital. The best example is the Vedanta House. There are many in Bangalore who associate Vedanta Book House with mantras, tantras and religion. But go to the main branch in Chamarajpet and you will change your mind. One of the old bookstores to publish and print Kannada books. It was in 1962, the owner of the shop, R Ashwathnarayana commenced the operation of the store after inauguration by Prabodhananda Swami (Ramakrishna Mission).

The initial name was Vedanta House. But now it has become Vedanta Book House as per the statement by Gopalkrishna Babu, who is at the mantle of affairs of the book store. He is R Ashwathnarayana’s nephew.

Old Book Stores of Bangalore

6. Aravind India Book Store

In the entire list of old bookstores selling Kannada books, if there is one shop which has completely gone digital, it is this store. After a humble beginning in 2014 in Vijayanagar Bangalore, the management has strived to fulfill the wishes of Kannada readers by its online presence.

Are you a Kannadiga who wants to pass the Karnataka Administrative Exam or the Indian Civil Services exam? Then this bookstore is a God-send for you. You can find books to participate in any competitive exam. The website has significant tabs, features and connections to various social media platforms. You can also opt for doorstep delivery at this bookstore.


Old Book Stores of Bangalore

7. Rastrotthana Sahitya

Although affiliated to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the Rashtrottahana Parishat opened in 1965. Since then it has become for its social services. It sells Kannada books and other books through its three stores at Kempe Gowda Nagar, Nrupatunga Road, and Jayanagar. Like a e-commerce website, you find the offers, new releases and best sellers. You can also make online purchases and delivery.

Website: Sahityabooks.com

8. Atta Galatta

How will you feel about a bookstore that doubles up as a cafe and also as a event space? Surprised? Don’t be. You get “Atta Galatta” in Koramangala. You can get the experience of workshops, storytelling and music. In the bookstore, you have access to Wi Fi, restrooms, CCTV, kid-friendly furnitures and a reading corner. What more do you want?

Reach out for a Kannada literature gem from among the vast variety of Kannada and other language books. For your information, the book store opened in 31 March 2012. The name of the owners are Subodh Sankar and Lalitha Lakshmi.

Old Book Stores of Bangalore

9. Sapna Book Stores, Gandhinagar

You are going to your native place from Bangalore, and want to pack in a few Kannada books. If you have to go to Majestic, the best bet for purchasing the books will be Sapna store, Gandhinagar. Spread over a vast area in one of the prime locations of the city, it houses thousands of Kannada books and other books in regional languages. You also get various gift items in the store. Interested in a online buy? You can do so at SapnaOnline


10. Blossom Book House Bangalore

Located in Church Street, Bangalore. If you are a book lover and interested in old and new books, then this is the store for you. Want Kannada books (old and new)? Or any language book or a book in English that was once a top seller? You got the name of the place. It is Blossom Book House, Bangalore. If you want to buy old books, make a list. But bring a big bag. A bet that the book is in Blossom Book House or they will arrange it for you.

Old Book Stores of Bangalore


Do you work hard? Are you tensed while coming home? Listen to the old or new songs written by Chiranjeevi Udayashankar, Nagendra Prasad, and Jayant Kaikini. You get back to normal. The zeal for the language is still active among Bangaloreans. But for the smart citizens who work in software companies, they rarely find the time to promote Kannada. For the persons who are hell bent on promoting Kannada, knowledge (will we call digital technology) has evaded them.

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But yes, the number of persons who read Kannada books have reduced. While we have very few stalwart writers and many publish their books once for half a decade. The promotion of Kannada books needs a change. We hope, with this article, you have got information on bookstores that sell Kannada books in Bangalore. You do not have to go to Avenue Road every time.

This article is Contributed by Satyanarayana, Bengaluru.

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