NZ Won The Battle Against Covid 19, Becomes The First Country in The World to Be Corona – Free

On Monday morning, 8th June 2020, in Wellington, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, declared the country to be 100% corona – free, as zero coronavirus cases have been reported in the last 17 days.

The first case of coronavirus was declared in late February and the total count went up to 1504 cases, out of which 22 people died and 1482 recovered. And now, the country has strongly made its global mark by winning the battle against COVID 19, showcasing zero cases of the virus.


Courtesy: Google

The country would now move to national alert level 1 from midnight on Monday, Ardern mentioned in a news conference.

Ardern also mentioned that “We are confident we have eliminated the virus in New Zealand for now,” and kiwis had ” united in unprecedented ways to crush the virus”.

Ms. Ardern, 39, has won the appreciation from the World heath organization for her massive victory in defeating the virus. People are obsessed with her exceptionally good leadership skills and her powerful strategies make her one of the leading women on this planet. From Christchurch Mosque attack to coronavirus, Ardern has dealt with all of it with great compassion and intelligence.

Jacinda Ardern’s government has helped all the migrant workers in New Zealand with extended work visas and wage subsidies to those who lost their jobs in this period. She is, indeed, a national hero to all the Kiwis and people living in New Zealand.

Moreover, she has given the credit of this victory to the kiwis ( citizens of New Zealand) who managed to obey the rules and the norms during the 75 days of strict lockdown, as she announces in a news conference that ” Today, after 75 days later, we are ready.”

To express her contentment about the news, Ms. Ardern declared to the reporters at the morning conference about her little dance in her lounge that she did before she could announce this extravagant news to the public.