Now Late Jiah Khan’s Mother Accuses Salman Khan Of Bribing CBI Officials, Asks Bollywood To Stand Up

Jiah Khan

In the wake of the death of the actor Sushant Singh Rajput, late actor Jiah Khan’s mother Rabia Khan has come out and said the practice of bullying in Bollywood needs to be stopped soon. She also asked people to stand up and fight and protest against the toxic behavior of the Hindi Film Industry.

In a recent interview to Spotboye, Rabia spoke and said,


“My condolences to Sushant Singh’s Family. It is very heartbreaking, it is not a joke. Bollywood has to change, Bollywood has to wake up. Bollywood has to completely demolish bullying. And I have to say bullying is also kind of killing somebody.”

Jiah Khan was also found hanging in her apartment in the year 2013. Post that, actor Sooraj Pancholi who is believed to have been in a relationship with Jiah, was booked for abetment of suicide under section 306 of the Indian Penal Code. The Central Bureau of Investigation conducted an investigation and upheld the Mumbai police’s findings that the death of Jiah’s death was suicidal in nature.

Rabia Accuses Salman Khan

Rabia also sheds light on the nature of Bollywood celebrities to use power, money, and influence. She recalled particularly how Bollywood sabotaged Jiah’s career. She accused Salman Khan of bribing the CBI officials who were in charge of the case. She said,

“What happened with Sushant, has reminded me of 2015 when I went to meet CBI officer who had called me down from London. He said please come we have found some incriminating pieces of evidence. I land up over there, the officer says, “Oh, by the way, Salman Khan called me up, he calls me every day and he says he has invested a lot of money, please don’t harass Soorah Pancholi, please don’t interrogate him, don’t touch him. So what can we do madam?”

Jiah Khan (1)
Courtesy: India Today

She took the matter to higher CBI officials but nothing happened. She further said,


“And if this is the scenario, if you’re going to pressurize and use your money and power to sabotage investigations, then I don’t know where citizens are going to go? I want to say, please stand up; fight, protest, and stop this toxic behavior in Bollywood.”

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, 34, was found dead hanging in his house on Sunday afternoon. The actor was last seen in the film Chichore.

A section of people believed that Sushant was suffering from depression because of the rampant nepotism in the Hindi film industry. Some even took names and pinned the blame on the filmmaker Karan Johar. Along with Johar, another name that popped in the debate was of Superstar Salman Khan. Earlier reports of Salman Khan misbehaving or sabotaging the career of Sushant Singh Rajput surfaced on the internet as the superstar mourned the death of the actor.

Source: India Times