Now Bengaluru Contributes 25.92 Percent Of COVID Cases To Karnataka’s Tally

Bengaluru COVID

Karnataka State Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar on Monday revealed that close to 25.92 percent of total cases in Karnataka is from the city of Bengaluru.

This is a shocking revelation as a week back Bengaluru wasn’t even in the top three affected districts and since then, the city has reported more cases than any other district. On Saturday and Sunday, Bengaluru recorded close to 1400 cases and 7 deaths. The minister also assured that the government is taking all the necessary precautions to contain the spread of the disease in the city. He wrote in a tweet,


“Bengaluru had 1556 COVID-19 cases as on June 23 which has doubled to 3419 cases as on June 28. Bengaluru now constitutes 25.92 percent of total cases in Karnataka. The state government is taking all measures to ensure that every COVID patient gets the best treatment.”

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Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

The Minister also assured people that the situation is on track as he said that the recovery rate of the state stood at 57 percent while the mortality rate remained low at 1.56 percent. He further wrote,

“Karnataka COVID recovery rate stands at 57 percent with 7,507 discharges and 5472 active cases. So far we tested 5,95,470 samples and 5,66,543 of them are negative with a positivity rate of 2.21 percent. Our state’s mortality rate remains low at 1.56 percent while the national mortality rate is 3 percent.”

Biggest Increase On Sunday

On Sunday, both the state Karnataka and its capital city Bengaluru broke its own record by reporting the highest number of cases for a day. While Karnataka reported over 1000 cases on Sunday, Bengaluru reported close to 800.

The city of Bengaluru continues to add more number of cases in its tally. In the last two days, the city has reported 1379 fresh COVID cases and 7 deaths. In the last two weeks, the city has seen 2624 cases and 56 deaths while only 206 people have recovered. The rising cases in the capital have increased the worries of the state government which was looking forward to unlocking the economy. The government has constantly finding newer measures to contain the pandemic along with running the economy.



Source: Deccan Herald