Noted Actor Prakash Belavadi Makes False Claims.. Netizens Call Him Heng Pungli Part 2

A recently emerged video of actor and media personality, Prakash Belavadi has been getting into the limelight. In this video, Belwadi is seen talking in a mic to people, particularly about an incident and the work of PM Modi.

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Prakash Belavadi goes on to tell people, that one day PM Modi walked into the office of the Home Ministry and questioned them about how many islands exist in the country? Apparently, the officials had no response to this. PM asked the officials to take a count and get back to him immediately.

The officials puzzled at this, sought possible ways to find an answer to this question, then they approached the ISRO for the same. The officials at ISRO requested some time to find the answer and after some days, they reverted that there are 1600 islands in the country.


When the same was conveyed to the PM by the officials of the Home Ministry, he said that it is high time we start protecting these islands by providing them with maritime security from the naval forces because we never know when China can enter these islands and make territorial claims on these islands. PM reportedly also said that it is important that we do eco-tourism in these areas and walked out of the office.

Belvadi has called PM Modi as a visionary leader for making such efforts.

Well, this incident was nowhere heard till today, neither have we seen any efforts being made on the islands out of which some are known and some are even unknown. Belawadi speaking about this ‘never heard of’ incident is strange. People in the comments of the video have questioned the credibility of the claim, while some outrightly have called him a liar and someone who is trying to please the ruling Govt.


Prakash Belavadi has not really been a man of controversies, rather is one of the finest actors of the country acting in Kannada, Hindi, and even Tamil films. He is also recipient of several awards and accolades.

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