Not Virat Kohli Or Ravi Shastri, Sanjay Bangar Decided To Send MS Dhoni To Bat At No. 7

India’s defeat against New Zealand still remains fresh in the memories of many. Almost Billions of hearts were broken in this game. This was because, before the tournament was even started, men in blue were considered as the number 1 contender for the World Cup trophy. More or less, India getting out of the tournament still remains as a nightmare to many. However, the defeat exposed numerous weaknesses of the team, which had been hidden by a typical performance from a few batsmen and the bowlers.

Plenty of question was unanswered in this unexpected loss against the Blackaps. The major probing in this defeat was the veteran batsman coming at number 7, it left all the cricket fans puzzled as to why MS Dhoni was not asked to bat at number 5? Well! it’s Not Virat Kohli Or Ravi Shastri, it is team India’s batting coach Sanjay Bangar who decided to send MS Dhoni to bat at number 7.


Dhoni at No 5 & Shastri’s Statment

On a factual theory, the 38-year-old could have come at number 5 and could have prevented the flow of wickets from one end, which would have helped his partner to attack freely. But sadly, it was Dinesh Karthik who came out to bat at No. 5. As the game went on, he never looked comfortable in his 24-ball play, where he could manage to hit only six runs.

Finally, it was Ravi Shastri who opened up about sending Dhoni at number 7. He assisted that if Dhoni would have come out early, he might have got out. He said, “It was a team decision. Everyone was in with it and it was a simple decision, too.”

“The last thing you wanted was Dhoni coming out to bat early and getting out. That would have killed the chase. We needed his experience later. He is the greatest finisher of all times and it would have been criminal to not make use of him in that way. The whole team was clear on it.” Shastri added.


Sanjay Bhangar behind this mystery

But this puzzle has a new culprit behind it. Now a fresh report suggests that it was India’s batting coach Sanjay Bangar who decided to send Dhoni at No. 7. Now it is unclear about why he took such a hazardous decision that cost India its dream. But one thing is clear, the team management was not best at their job.

The experience and game knowledge of a player like Dhoni would have helped in absorbing the pressure. Who knows, India would have headed to the finals on Sunday if right decisions were taken at the right moment.