Not Only Sushant, Here’s How Mahesh Bhatt Allegedly Isolated Ranvir Shorey From Bollywood

Mahesh Bhatt

The acclaimed actor of Khosla Ka Ghosla Ranvir Shorey has launched fresh allegations against the Bhatt camp that comprises of Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt.

In the ongoing debate of nepotism and favoritism in Bollywood, Ranvir Shorey has accused the ‘gang’ of isolating him form the industry. He has not named them but has given enough cues to gauge the name for the viewers. In a series of tweets, he said,


“’ The Gang’ is essentially a mutually beneficial alliance of a few powerful corrupt, crafty old man, and a few second-generation younger producers who have inherited film empires. Their objective is to have control over the top of the pyramid and have pliable stars. #Bollywood”

Kangana Mahesh Bhatt (1)
Courtesy: Amar Ujala

In another tweet, he explained his experience of working with them. He writes,

“I’ve had a run-in with one of them 15 years ago. This is the man who fancies himself as the holy-moly Dronacharya of the gang, except when it comes to covering up the indiscretions and crimes of his own offsprings. A product of a damaged mind and faux spirituality. The modus operandi is that when you’re vulnerable, like the death or loss of a close one, you’re professionally & socially ostracized by spreading lies and rumors, through the media, as well as the grapevine, leaving you disoriented and hopeless with a sense of doom.”

Twitter Takes The Cue

Because the actor didn’t take any names, the Twitterati was confused about which gang was he talking about. However, one user cleared all the confusion. He wrote,

“He had named and shamed them 15 years ago as well. He stood for himself then also. My memory hasn’t bitten the dust! He had filed police complaints against Rahul Bhatt. Ranvir and Pooja Bhatt had a fallout with each other and it led to police complaints. You can google.”

Another user further expanded the story,


“These people which Ranvir Shorey talked about are – Mahesh Bhatt, Salman Khan (powerful old crafty corrupted individual) & Second generation producers who have inherited the empire – Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar.”


Source: Free Press Journal