Not Just Colleagues, Bhasker Rao And Kamal Pant Are Good Friends In Real Life Too

Courtesy: News First Live Kannada

Earlier today, Bhaskar Rao handed over the charges of Bengaluru City Police Commissioner to Kamal Pant. Mr. Rao had held the office from August 2nd, 2019.

Kamal Pant will replace Bhaskar Rao as the BCP Commissioner

Yesterday, the state Government announced that Kamal Pant will replace Bhaskar Rao as the Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru. Although many felt that it was a political move, later, it was revealed that the transfers had happened in line with the regular procedures followed by the government. 


When Bhaskar Rao had taken over as the BCP Commissioner on August 2, 2019, on the same day, Kamal Pant had assumed charges as ADGP Intelligence. Incidentally, a year later, both have been transferred again.

Not just colleagues, but good friends too

It has come to light that apart from being colleagues, Bhaskar Rao and Kamal Pant enjoy a great relationship outside too. Well, this is important news, as this could go a long way in helping out Mr. Pant in carrying out his activities in these tough times.

While Kamal Pant hails from Uttarakhand, Bhaskar Rao is from Karnataka itself. Both being from the 1990 batch of IPS officers, it is said that the outgoing and the newly-appointed BCP Commissioners have shared a special relationship since that time. It has also been reported that families of both these individuals are also close, and share a good rapport.


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Source: News First Live Kannada