“Not an appreciation, but a Vulgar Propaganda”, Kamal Haasan’s Letter to Rishab Shetty sparks ‘Controversy’

Rishab Shetty shared a photo of a letter he received from Kamal Haasan. The Tamil actor has penned a long and heartfelt letter to Kantara fame appreciating his blockbuster film Kantara. But Twitter is not happy with the message written in the letter, which has now sparked controversy.

A message to Rishab Shetty

After praising Kantara with immense praise and love on social media, legendary actor Kamal Haasan has penned a formal appreciation letter to Rishab Shetty on the success of the Kannada film. On Friday, Rishab Shetty took to his Twitter account to share a photo of the framed letter and thanked Haasan for his “lovely message”.


Posting the image, Shetty wrote, “It means a lot to receive such a lovely message from Legend of Indian Cinema. Too overwhelmed and awestruck to see this surprise gift from Kamal sir. Thanks a ton for this precious gift sir.” (sic)

In the letter, Kamal Haasan wrote, “A film like Kantara stays in your mind and blossoms. I am a godless man, yet I understand the need for one in most. I truly believe compassion is lacking in gods depicted in most of our mythology. We of the Dravidian stock are a matriarchal society. That is seen in the last scene of your film, where the god behaves like a mother, rather than the testosterone father that he started off as.”

The Vikram actor further referred to Rishab Shetty’s film as a classic, saying, “I know you could not have seen a film called Nirmalyam by MT Vasudevan Nair. Your film has shades of that classic. Your cinematic DNA has many forefathers you may not know of, but remember that the cinematic language you speak came from them.”


However, the letter didn’t go down well with netizens, who criticized Kamal Haasan for claiming to be belonging to Dravidian stock and appropriating Kantara film into the Dravidian fold.

Netizens React