“Not A Word Against Muslims For Tablighi Incident”. BSY Warns Of Strict Action Against Hatemongers

source: livemint

Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has warned that strict action would be taken against hatemongers who speak ill about the entire Muslim community for one isolated incident.

Tablighi Jamaat incident has triggered communal wars in the country

Ever since the Tablighi Jamaat event led to a rise in coronavirus cases in the country, communal wars have started to surface in the country. The unruly behavior of a few of the Tablighi Jamaat quarantined attendees have added more tension to these wars.


CM Yediyurappa
Courtesy: The News Minute

BSY makes a strong statement

Speaking to a local TV channel, BSY said:

Nobody should speak a word against Muslims. This is a warning. If anyone blames the entire Muslim community for some isolated incident, I’ll take action against them also without a second thought. Will not give an opportunity for that.” 

The statement came after BSY met leaders of the Muslim Community and took promises of maintaining social-distancing norms from them. The MLA’s and leaders of the Muslim community said that they would hold their prayers inside their homes and namaaz would not be conducted at the masjids.


BSY added:

They (Muslim leaders) agreed they won’t hold namaaz in masjids and said they will pray in their homes. They are cooperating.

The statement comes after TN & Kerala CM’s pass similar statements

A few days ago, the Chief Ministers of Kerala and Tamil Nadu had also made similar statements, asking the citizens of their respective states to stop blaming one community for a singular incident.