Not 84000, But China Could Be Having 640000 Cases As Per A Data-Leak From The Country!

Originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the Coronavirus, surprisingly, has not had a major impact on its origin country going by the official records. China has so far announced that around 84000 cases have been reported in the country, a number which is lower compared to a country like India, where the first case was only reported a few months after the origin of the virus.

However, there seems to be a secrecy behind the figure announced by China, as a data-leak by a military-run university in China reveals that the total cases in the country could be 640000 against the 84000 that is being said by the country.


640000 cases likely in China!

This is according to a database that has been leaked from the National University of Defence Technology in the city of Changsha which suggests China could have 640,000 cases and not just 84,000. The data was leaked to media agencies, Foreign Policy and 100 Reporters, which analyzed the information the database contained.

The dataset contains information taken from around 230 cities across the country. Each entry shows latitude, longitude, and the confirmed number of cases at the location on a specific date, from early February to late April. The leak also contains data regarding the number of infected,dead and recovered in Wuhan.

However, the data could well be China-Standard!

However, based on the consistency at which China reveals correct data, the record at this university could well be wrong. Nonetheless, the website of the university suggests that it is under the direct leadership of the Central Military Commission, the body that oversees China’s military and which has been involved in the response to the coronavirus pandemic.


Although the actual figure could include errors and be lower, it may not be a surprise if the case of China hiding the actual number of cases is indeed true.

Source: India Times