These Minimal Posters Draws a Funny Line between Normal Life and Bengaluru Life

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Everything that happens in our Normal life has a contrast when it comes to Bengaluru life. The very life we have here, the food we eat, our weekend spots and our daily commute have made us come closer to its shades and shadow. The city with its mixed bag attitude of accommodating every gasp of life, we all have become a part of its rush, madness, titian evenings, and the slang jazzed up in the aroma of local flavor.

Bengaluru is not just another city and the life here is more versatile than any other city in India. You travel by bus and never complain about it, you drink coffee more than water, you crave for yummy food of CTR, Tindi Bheedi, and Brahmin’s Cafe and if you have at least paid ‘meter pe 20 extra’ once then you are living in Bengaluru.

In this context, we have tried to draw a funny line between Normal life and Bengaluru Life through these Design posters. Banni, let’s take a look.

Normal Life V/s Bengaluru Life

#1 Ardent Lovers of Masala Dose

bengaluru life

Bengalurians always prefer Masala Dose, not just as a breakfast item but even for a lunch. We have such a varieties in Dose that we really don’t get bored of it. This is true with most of the people living in Bengaluru, including You and Me.

#2 Going with the Local Slang

bengaluru life

If you hear words like Maccha, Guru, Maga, Gubaal, Sade, and Nakkan from your friends then you are definitely living in Bengaluru. That’s the beauty, right? Every city has its own slang words which gets that local flavor in our day-to-day conversations.

#3 Showers in Summer

benglauru diaries

If you and me are asked to mention one thing that we love about Bengaluru then we obviously vote for its awesome weather.

#4 Love for Idli Vada and Sambar

benglauru diaries

This is not an exaggeration but a reality (At least, in my Case).

#5 We don’t get bored of Nandi Hills

bengaluru life

Nandi Hills is like the next door attraction for Bengalurians. Till date, we have not find reasons to get bored with it or we will find any in the future.

#6 Namma Bengaluru

bengaluru life

It is our way of showing our doll face to our favorite things.

#7 This is True

bengaluru life

That feeling when signal turns to Green and you raising the accelerator in a sigh is just of the world. Nothing in this world can match to that feeling (At that moment).

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