No Reflection of Tablighi. Muslim Community is Co-operating With The Government, says RSS


In a press conference conducted via video link, RSS joint general secretary Manmohan Vaidya criticized the Tablighi Jamaat for showing lack of social responsibility and, at the same time, said that the whole Muslim community cannot be targeted.

Like the Tablighi Jamaat, the RSS too had their conferences in various parts of the country which was later canceled as a precautionary measure to contain the novel coronavirus outbreak. According to Manmohan Vaidya, the leadership of Tablighi should have done the same and by not canceling the event, they have contributed to the burden of the medical professionals and governments.

As per the Union Health Ministry, around 30 percent of the total reported cases of the coronavirus have been linked to Tablighi Jamaat congregation that took place between the 13th and 15th of March. Over 1,000 cases have been found spread across 17 states and close to 22,000 attendees have been quarantined.

Courtesy: The Hindu

‘Perverse thinking’ of Jamaat

Later on, Vaidya compared the RSS to the Tablighi and claimed that the RSS acted responsibly in canceling all their events. He felt the Tablighi could have at least taken the assistance of medical help during the congregation. The RSS had to cancel their annual March meeting of Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha, their highest decision making body, that was scheduled on 15,16 and 17 March.

Vaidya also criticized the behavior of Tablighi attendees with the doctors and condemned it. He condemned their behavior of hiding and even not cooperating with the medical staff. The acts are against the ‘tradition of India’, he said.

While he criticized the Jamaat, he hailed the Muslim community as a whole who, as he says, have acted responsibly. It is only one section that is irresponsible and ‘perverse’, he said. He further said that, at many places, it is the Muslim community who are tipping off the hideouts of Tablighi attendees and thereby helping the police and the medical staff in the fight against the COVID-19. On the allegation of a planned conspiracy, Vaidya said he is not aware of that but said the Tablighi is exposed.

Manmohan Vaidya also mentioned that all the RSS programs scheduled in June including educational programs stand canceled as of now.