No Political Party Appreciates Me: Kangana Ranaut Tweets And Explain Why


Calling herself a vote-repellant, as told by her well-wishers, Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut on Thursday took to Twitter and said she is not a favourite of any political party. Though there have been rumours — fuelled after her recent tiff with the Shiv Sena — that the actor may join the BJP, Kangana earlier clarified that she harbours no political ambition.

The ongoing farmers’ protest has again brought the actor in news, apart from her movies, after she got engaged in a Twitter spat with singer Diljit Dosanjh over the farmers’ protest.



“I fought with Khalistanis. so now most Sikhs are against me,” Kangana wrote referring to her recent comments on the farmers’ protest.

“…my well wishers tell me no political party likes a vote repellent like me, so clearly no political party appreciates me,” she said explaining. But she said she is appreciated in the world of her conscience.

“I have been honest about the film industry so most of them are against me, I opposed reservations, most Hindus hate me, during Manikarnika’s release I fought with Karni Sena so Rajputs threatened me as well, I oppose Islamists, many Muslims hate me,” she wrote.

Actors Diljit Dosanjh and Kangana Ranaut were embroiled in a bitter war of words over the farmers’ protest on Thursday, a Twitter spat that began with Shaheen Bagh protester Bilkis Bano but soon spilled over to name calling, Punjabi identity, the Delhi riots and even some muscle flexing over the mother figure.

The two, one a celebrity singer-actor from Punjab and the other a Bollywood star known for her combative comments, began bickering on the social media platform on Wednesday evening and continued till well into Thursday.

Earlier this week, Ranaut misidentified a woman farmer from Punjab as Bilkis Bano, the octogenarian who made international headlines during the anti-CAA protests earlier this year in the Delhi neighbourhood of Shaheen Bagh. She shared a tweet alleging that the ‘Shaheen Bagh dadi’ also joined the farmers’ agitation over the new agri laws at various border points of the national capital.

She retweeted the post with pictures of two elderly women, including Bilkis Bano, and wrote that the “same Dadi” who featured in Time Magazine was “available in 100 rupees”.

When Twitter users pointed out that both the women were different, Ranaut reportedly deleted her tweet.

Source: Hindustan Times