“No one ‘owns’ India. It can never be ‘my country'”: SRK’s old video goes viral amid his spitting controversy

Shah Rukh Khan is surrounded by controversies most times of the year. This year it is a new one with the ‘spitting’ incident coming into picture.
When he went on the dais to pay respect to the mortal remains of the late singer Lata Mangeshkar, he performed a Muslim ritual where he blew air on the mortal remains. Netizens misconstrued it as spitting. It became a huge controversy until it was given a proper end result.

But now yet another old video of SRK has gone viral where he is seen making strong remarks.


The video and remarks

In this video SRK can be heard saying, “My family, especially my father was a freedom fighter. He would always tell me, ‘Shah Rukh, do not take your freedom for granted. We have given it to you so you can maintain it.’ At that time, I thought it was freedom from foreign rule.”

He further adds, “But now I understand, having grown up, that this freedom he was talking about, was in terms of poverty and misery.” He added that no one ‘owns’ India. It can never be “my country”. He elaborated on his understanding of anti-national.

“The country is India and we are the citizens of the country. Ownership does not mean that this is our India. It is what we have to do for the country. Those, who are called anti-nationals or anti-social, are people who do not think they are part of India. I feel sad because my family has fought for this country. I feel even sadder on reading about such things as it takes away from what my father told me, ‘Keep this country free, as I gave it to you'”, he says in the video.