“No Drama no Romance, Yash19 will be a Sci-fi entertainer”: Yash

Rocking Star Yash in his latest interview with film critic Anupama Chopra reveals his future plans and his next dream for the Indian film industry. Read below:

Yash 19

No doubt Kannada actor Yash has now become a pan-India superstar. With the success of the KGF franchise, Rocky Bhai aka Yash has gained a massive following from around the nation. The craze of this year’s released ‘KGF: Chapter 2’ hasn’t even died down and people are eagerly waiting for Yash’s next movie announcement.


While it is obvious that Chapter 3 of KGF will not begin anytime soon, fans and moviegoers are curious about the actor’s #Yash19 upcoming film. Yash, who had taken a break from work for some time, appeared in Film Companion’s chat show called “Front Row”. Hosted by film critic Anupama Chopra, the event discussed a lot of things about Yash and his upcoming movies.

Giving a slighter hint about his upcoming projects, the 36-year-old reveals what is he planning for his upcoming project Yash19. “My interests are in sci-fi or action drama. Also, with this next, aiming to match the Hollywood standards; I am meeting a lot of people to make it happen for Kannada Cinema,” said the Rocking Star.

It’s not Bollywood or Sandalwood

Emphasizing the fact that it’s an Indian industry and not Bollywood or sandalwood Yash adds, “I am trying to aim big. I will not stop dreaming after the success of KGF. It just gets bigger and better. Now, I want the Indian industry to compete with Hollywood. It’s now time to change the infrastructure of both the Kannada and Indian Film Industry.”


For the unversed, as the upcoming film is Yash’s 19th project, the movie has been tentatively titled Yash19. As anticipated, Yash19 will be a high-budget pan-India movie. With the aim of redefining the glory of Indian cinema, Yash is planning for a high-end action-packed movie.

Following the glorious success of KGF Chapter 2 on the global platform and KGF Chapter 1’s achievement, the fandom of Yash has spread across the globe. Thus, anticipation for Yash19 and more of his movies will certainly remain high among all movie lovers.