Nizamuddin Choas: Few Quarantined Attendees Spit All Over The Isolation Centre

Jamaat Congregation (1)
Courtesy: ThePrint

Ever since few attendees of the Tableeghi Jamaat religious conference at South Delhi’s Nizamuddin started showing symptoms of the Coronavirus, the Central Government & various other State Governments have been trying their best to curb the further outbreak. 

However, as per the latest reports, even the ones quarantined so far have not behaved responsibly in the isolation centers.


Over 8000 Indians were in attendance at the conference

Apart from the 800 Indonesian preachers, around 8000 from across the country had visited the conference in Delhi. In the past few days, almost every other COVID-19 case reported in the country has been linked to the participants or people who had been associated with them.

Jamaat Congregation (1)
Nizamuddin issue has become a headache to the authorities

Irresponsible behavior at the Tughalakabad Quarantine Centre

Around 167 people from the Tableeghi Jamaat conference reached the Tughalakabad Quarantine Centre in 5 buses at 9:30 pm yesterday. While 97 were accommodated in the Diesel Shed Training School Hostel Quarantine Centre, 70 were put up at the RPF Barrack Quarantine Centre.

However, as per statements from the CPRO Northern Railway, a few members turned restless today morning. They made unreasonable demands for food items and abused the staff at the Quarantine center. A few of them also started spitting all over the place and on the people who were working at the center. Not paying heed to the instructions, a couple of them also started roaming around the hostel building.


Police Constables sent to the location

Later, the authorities passed this information to DM South East Delhi, who then provided security to bring sanity to the isolation center. As part of the arrangement, 4 Police Constables and 6 CRPF Jawans were drafted to the location.