10 Reasons Why You Should Watch This Cult Kannada Movie Titled Nishkarsha


Nishkarsha is a 1993 Kannada thriller movie directed by Sunil Kumar Desai which stars Vishnuvardhan and Anant Nag in prominent roles. If you haven’t watched it yet, we tell you the reason why you should watch it right away.


A Heist Film

Nishkarsha is one of the few Heist films which have come out of Kannada Film Industry. Heist film refers to films which not only have a robbery taking place but the entire film is centered on the robbery. Even after Nishkarsha, not many Heist films have come out from KFI.


Depiction of Anti Terror Squad

Stories and films about terrorism are always thrilling. In the whole of India, there are only a handful of films which has been successful in depicting the ATS (Anti Terror Squad). In the film, Vishnuvardhan plays the officer from ATS.

Shot on Single Location

From a filmmakers’ point of view, shooting a major portion of a film in a single location is difficult. Since there is no change in location, it becomes harder for the maker to hold the audience through the film. Nishkarsha managed to do it. Set in one location where people of the bank are taken as hostages, Nishkarsha never had a dull moment.


Screenplay and Editing

The screenplay of Nishkarsha written by L. R. Ranganath Rao is very tight which is supported equally by the editing by Janardhan R. The audience is kept hooked throughout the film without a moment of distraction.

Absence of Songs

Speaking of having no moment of distraction, Nishkarsha had no songs which is an added advantage for the viewer. There are films which need songs and are very much necessary but in a thriller like this, songs tend to be a distraction. Nishkarsha, however, has no songs in it.

Suman Nagarkar’s Performance

Suman Nagarkar plays a woman who gets violated over the process of trying to help but eventually gets her revenge. She portrayed the character with the right about of sensibility and innocence which elevated the impact of the character.


Sunil Kumar Desai

While the neighboring industries were taking over the Kannada Film Industry in terms of quality and sensibility, Sunil Kumar Desai is one director who kept the heads of the Kannada Cinema high during the 1990s. With films like Utkarsha, Sangharsha, Nammora Mandara Hoove, and Nishkarsha, he was a director to watch out for.


A Movie on Terrorism

The depiction of Terrorism in Nishkarsha was progressive, to say the least. Without falling into the trap of religion based depiction of terrorism, Nishkarsha provided a rather clear perspective with respect to the story. It is fair to say it served the story and it worked big time.

The Plot

At the end of the day, everything comes down to how interesting the plot is. The plot of IMDB says, “A daylight bank robbery alarms the police in Bangalore. The robber holds the bank staff and customers hostage as the police attempt to rescue the innocent and knock down the culprit.” The plot is as interesting as it can get.

Repeat Value

There are movies which fail in providing the same enjoyment as it had during the first time of viewing. Nishkarsha is not one of them. Nishkarsha is one of those rare films which can be enjoyed in multiple viewings as well.

The film is available on YouTube. If you haven’t watched it yet, these reasons are more than enough to spike your interest.



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