Bengaluru’s Busiest Avenue Road To Wear New Look To Meet Urban Expectations

avenue road

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahangara Palike (BBMP) is planning a night market concept for Avenue Road as a part of its smart TenderSure road project. The project specifically is aimed at making a transformation to meet urban expectations.

It will ensure that the walkers and vehicles can move freely on the road, pedestrians will have no fear of struggling with the hawkers for going from one end to the other until 6 pm.

Avenue Road To Wear A New Look

Avenue Road used to be a part of the Doddapete Road which connected the original Bengaluru City of Kempegowda to the Bengaluru Palace. It was one of the shortest routes used by people for reaching Majestic or even other areas of the city.

But with the growing population, the number of people and vehicles on the road has increased. The extremely narrow lane of the road made it a nightmare for the travelers on foot or even on the vehicle at all the time of the day.

Importantly, with the street hawkers lining up alongside on the pavements, the problem became all the more serious. That is why the BBMP has taken a decision to keep it free from hawkers until 6 pm. It will allow pedestrians and vehicles to move freely along the narrow road with many bylanes and offshoots that lead to old markets and ancient shops.

The shops on this historical road sell everything from a scratch to highly valuable items. The bylanes and lanes will be open for traffic during the day.

avenue road

Planning For Avenue Road Was Biggest Challenge, Says BBMP

According to the executive engineer of BBMP’s Smart City Project, Raghavendra Prasad planning for such a complicated road was a big challenge. He said, “If you go to Avenue Road now, you will not be able to walk without the risk of being run over by traffic or bump into street hawkers who stand haphazardly on the road. After the project is completed, the roads will be developed by using the unused stretches and will have wider footpaths. The footpath will be widened to 5 to 7 feet. The roads will be redefined, decongesting the area.”

BBMP is planning a new version of the Avenue Road where it will easier to accommodate most of the street hawkers in the area. Prasad added, “We can have a regular flow of traffic till 6 pm and then the street hawkers can set up shop till 9 pm.”

While discussing the development plan for this area the executive engineer said, “We have considered the space and requirements of each area and customized the plan accordingly for each area. The work is expected to start soon and it will take over a year to be completed. Once the work is done the roads will not be dug up again for any underground utility work.”

BBMP Planning For Smooth Movement Of Vehicle

The plan that took 7 to 8 months for being finalized also includes space for greenery and ample parking space along the Avenue Road. Prasad said, “Each detail such as bollards, curves, light poles, tree pits had to be mapped. We are consulting Infrastructure Development Corporation, Karnataka, for the plans. These are scientifically developed. The main idea of the plan is to ensure smooth movement of vehicles.”

The footpaths are also going to be widened to 5 to 7 feet and the roads will be properly defined as a part of the development plan.  

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