Under the Banner Of Musuri Krishnamurthy Films, Nigarva Movie Completes Shooting

nigarva completes shooting

Under the banner of Musuri Krishnamurthy Films, the production of the film Nigarva has been completed after shooting for 30 days across Bangalore and Honnavara. The process of dubbing is about to begin in Skyline studios.

Musuri Krishnamurthy’s son, Jayasimha Musuri is helming the direction department. He is the screenplay and dialogue writer on the film. Gurudutt Musuri, his brother, is the director of photography on the film. The music is composed by Vinu Manasu. Editor Nagendra Aras is also a part of the film. Thriller Manju and Dance Kitti are the stunt director and choreographer respectively.

nigarva completes shooting

Musuri Krishnamurthy was an actor, director, and producer in Kannada Film Industry. He debuted as an actor in the 1943 film Vani alongside Pandri Bai. He slowly shifted to the theatre because of the lack of work in Cinema. He came back to films in the 60s and majorly played the roles of a comedian, villain and supporting artist. Some of his filmographies include titles like Paduvaralli Pandavaru, Ranganayaki, Dharmasere, Guru Shishyaru, Antha, Nanna Devaru, Haalu Jenu, and Kaviratna Kalidasa.

Jayasimha Musuri will be joining the list of new age Kannada filmmakers who have entered the space with a perspective of their own. Also, being the son of a veteran, he surely will have the pressure to deliver work which people would rate high. Also, it will be important for him to not allow that pressure to come in the way of his work.

nigarva completes shooting

It is also a project which will see the combination of yet another brothers. Generally, we have seen brothers, where one of them is a director and the other, is an actor but this would be one of the few times where two brothers will be working together behind the camera with Gurudutt Musuri as the cinematographer and Jayasimha Musuri as the director.

The cast of Nigarva includes Bullet Vinu, Aryan Surya, Bharathi Hegde, Harshitha Gowda, Ratnakumari, Ranjitha Rao, Ashwini Rao, and others.




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