NGOs Distribute Over 1 Million Rotis Among Migrant Workers Leaving On Trains In Bengaluru

Mercy Mission, a group of over 20 NGOs, has tied up with railway authorities to provide food to migrant workers leaving Bengaluru on Shramik Trains. Apart from packets of chikkis and dates, the group has so far distributed over 10 Lakh Rotis among migrants leaving Bengaluru.

A group with multiple initiatives

Mercy Mission’s sole aim is not only to distribute food among the needy. The group has also taken up other initiatives such as providing ration to the poor and conducting final rites of people who have died during the lockdown.


Volunteers explain the process

Mohammed Ismail, a volunteer with Mercy Mission, said: “We hand over Rotis, along with pickle and snacks, to migrant workers traveling by special trains. We also give them essentials like water bottles, sanitary pads, and toothpaste to make sure their journey back home is comfortable.

He said that the volunteers get the details of the trains and the passengers by 7 or 8 pm. The information is then passed on to the connected kitchens in the city. Ismail added: “Our vendors make the Rotis and they are taken to our packing facility in Basavanagudi, where they are packed in a hygienic and systematic way and transported to various railway stations.” 

Sarah Ummer, another volunteer revealed that the contribution to this initiative from apartment complexes and individuals has been great. She said: “Many apartment residents would make extra Rotis or send across theplas and other snacks.” The volunteers add that the smiles of the people while receiving the food packets drive them more to work on the initiative.


Source: Times of India