Next-Level: Story Of Drone Prathap; Here Is A Fact-Check On The ‘Young Scientist’s’ Tales

drone pratap

In the last couple of years, one certain Prathap NM from Karnataka has been in the news for all the right reasons. Credited to have constructed 600 drones from e-waste, the ‘young scientist’ had revealed that he was offered a job by 87 countries. In fact, as per reports, even PM Narendra Modi had recommended his officials to hire the youngster for research studies.

However, in a recent fact-check conducted by OpIndia, it seems all of Prathap NM’s tales have been bluff and that there is no ounce of truth in any of it.


Drones from e-waste

Well, although many believed that doing this was extraordinary, on a closer introspection and consultation with experts, it has been revealed that it is highly impossible to construct drones from broken grinders and TV sets.

Moreover, no one has ever had access to the supposedly 600 drones built by Prathap. All his photographs alongside drones are the ones at an expo or a competition. As you can see in the picture, all these drones are the products of popular brands.

Courtesy: OpIndia

Medals and Rewards

As per reports, Prathap has won Albert Einstein Innovation Gold Medal in the International Drone Expo 2018 held at Hanover in Germany, a gold medal in the International Drone Expo held in Germany, secured the first place in CeBIT Drone Expo-2018 at Hanover, Germany, and also bagged the gold medal in International Robotic Exhibition held at Tokyo, Japan, in December 2017.


However, on searching the internet, it has been disclosed that almost none of these competitions/expos had actually happened. Although CeBIT exp had occurred, it was a computer expo event and was not related to Drones, as told by Mr. Prathap.

The tales of help

Prathap had told that he had utilized his drone to help people during the floods. He had only released a picture of a set of hands operating a drone. On closer observation, this drone yet again belonged to a branded company.

Apart from this, Drone Prathap’s several tales of the benefits of his drone were proved to defy logic and physics in many ways. It now needs to be seen if he would be made to pay for his misdeeds.


In conclusion, there is no evidence of drone scientist Prathap NM making any drone, winning any award and medal. The awards and medals he has won do not exist in reality. All stories about him on various websites are based on other websites carrying the same. There are several loopholes in claims in regard to his achievements, and most importantly, his claim is remarkably similar to the story of another drone boy.

Source: OpIndia