Next Level: As Per Reports, Drone Pratap Has Two Backlogs And Is Yet To Complete His Education

Ever since the false accomplishments of Prathap NM came to light, almost whoever knew about him were dumbfounded. Mr. Pratham had tricked them with too much ease, and it will take a lot of might for him to win back the trust.

Prathap’s false accomplishments

As per a report published on OpIndia, Prathap’s claims of winning medals and awards at various international expos are false. Also, as per the report, he has not done 600 drones, something the “young scientist” had vocally claimed in most of his interviews. Now, following the truth that has come out on media, a few other interesting details of Prathap have also come out.


Courtesy: OpIndia

Prathap is yet to finish his education

As per a teacher of his at the JSS College, Prathap is yet to complete his B Sc. He reportedly still has a backlog of two subjects in the course. Considering this youngster was projected as a role model for the younger generation, this piece of revelation is indeed shocking.

The teacher divulged that Prathap is yet to show account for the money he was given to attend conferences and showcase his inventions. The aforementioned teacher also said that since people at college ask him about the money and the drones, he stopped coming to college completely.

It is also revealed that Prathap NM has been saving all the donations that he has been receiving. A person who was talking about his ‘poor background’ is now reportedly living a lavish lifestyle.


Well, it is too soon to come to a conclusion, and we must wait for Prathap to come with his version of the events.

Source: Vijayavani