Here’s Everything You Need To Know About New Year Rules Set By City Police In Bengaluru

new year bangalore

The alleged mass molestation event on the Brigade Road in Bangalore in 2016 has indeed awakened the city police. That is why they are now taking extra care to ensure such incidences do not occur yet again and mar the New Year’s celebrations this year. With the intention to keep the security of women a top priority, the department has now come up with few rules for women’s safety on the night of revelry. But these new rules have put the owners of restaurants and bars in the city in a tight spot.

new year bangalore

What Are The New Rules?

According to the circular, the F & B establishments in Bangalore can operate only till 2 am and also will have to follow a number of rules. One of the rules is that these establishments will have to hire female security personnel for handling women revelers or arranging cabs post the party for them. The rule also makes it mandatory for the bars and restaurants in the city to make stay arrangements for women in the semi-conscious state.

Another rule says that these establishments will have to install additional CCTV cameras that will overlook stairs, street, lift, and washroom.

The city police commissioner, T Suneel Kumar said, “We have issued the circular keeping in mind the safety of women. The women have all the right to party, but we want them to party safely. Bar owners will be held responsible if any untoward incident takes place on their premises.” He further added that the department is planning to come up with elaborate security arrangements on MG Road as well.

new year bangalore

F & B Industry Feels Time Is Short

As per the circulation, the F & B establishments should meet the new guidelines by Monday. However, the industry people believe that time is too short and that the officials should not harass the restaurant owners at the last minute. According to the owner of the Social chain of bars, Riyaaz Amlain, no such rules have been issued in the capital of India.

Amlani said, “We are contacting security agencies to send us at least two female bouncers per outlet. In case I am not able to find the required number, I plan to fly down female security professionals from other cities.”

The President of the National Restaurant Association of India – Bengaluru chapter and restaurateur Manu Chandra calls the entire situation ambiguous as the number of certified female bouncers in Bengaluru are very limited.

Chandra further added that he will have to increase the female staff at his Monkey Bar to make sure that the entire celebration goes on smoothly. According to Chandra, it is not possible to make stay arrangements in a standalone restaurant as they cannot offer rooms or space like five-star hotels.

new year bangalore

Bengaluru has a deadline of 3 am for this new year

The F&B industry in Bengaluru believes that the demand for all such measures for just one hour’s extension is preposterous. Incidentally, over the past few years, the city has earned a reputation for not allowing parties and is one of the most challenging cities in the country to work for those in the hospitality sector. The frustration of the bar and restaurant owners in Bengaluru is quite understandable as Mumbai enjoys a deadline of 5 am for both Christmas and New Year party whereas Bengaluru has a deadline of 3 am for this new year.

According to a senior police official, the guidelines issued by the authorities are reasonable as they are asking the establishments to arrange women security personnel to assist female revelers. He further added that the police department has not made it mandatory for the F&B Industry to hire women bodybuilders. The police officer stated that almost all the security agencies in Bengaluru have professionally trained women personnel for handling the crowd.

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