11 Life-Changing New Year Resolution Ideas You Should Definitely Make It Happen

New Year Resolution Ideas

2019 is here and all the memories, good or bad have made a year memorable for all of us. All the promises made, career goals accomplished, love that we got, the hatred that we shared, friends made, memes we laughed at, and the subtle emotions, everything, small or big have made us feel a year older now. When we say new year, resolutions have always been a part – some carried out and some floundering at the back seat. As we are nearing a fresh start, let us share a few new year resolution ideas coupled with stories and experiences in today’s read.

Life-changing New Year Resolution Ideas

Before we start, let us have a look at the popular new year resolutions made as per Google searches. According to the data pulled by Google, resolutions related to travel, reading, health, learning new hobbies, weight loss, and self-growth tops the list while individuals having their own goals and resolutions as well.

Let us keep them aside and try something unusual this year, right? So, here is our list of new year resolution ideas with a hope that you found them interesting and worth taking.

#1 Break your routine

This is important. There are times when we become sick and tired of our job, home, parents, friends, society, and even our interests look fatigued and lethargic. This feeble feeling haunts everyone but can you chose to run away from it? How many jobs are you gonna change? How many breakups you wanna handle? Whatever you do, at an end of the day, it will become a routine again.

Try to be impulsive and feel the life. For an instance – change your way to the office, order Paneer Butter Masala Dosa instead of a plain Masala Dosa, talk to new people than hanging out with the same group of friends, challenge yourself at your workplace and be lively as possible. It is the same routine but these little things can help you break that conventional feel.

New Year Resolution Ideas
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#2 Stop Comparing yourself to others

This has become a syndrome. It is getting so serious that all our happiness, grief, lust, anger, joy, disgust, trust, and the mental state bank on people surrounding us. Don’t you think that someone else is controlling us? Ever observed, all the day you were happy, and the moment you get to know that your friend got promoted and you didn’t, all your happiness simply dissolves to grief. Joy is a natural phenomenon. Misery is your creation.

new year resolution ideas
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#3 Learn New Skills

This is the best way to keep yourself engaged and avoid unnecessary thoughts and emotions. Learning a new skill always helps, be it in your professional life or in the personal espirt. Start with simple things like cooking for your loved ones, fixing a cycle tube puncture, learning a new language, writing, scribbling stories, likewise as per your pursuit and passion.

New Year Resolution Ideas
Image Credits – Roadcycling

#4 Socialize

This is much needed. People have almost forgotten about getting socialized. Technology is good but that should not stop you from getting detached from the real world. Let me share a couple of instances where I myself felt that I have become a slave to this virtual world.

I had been to an event where most of my Facebook friends have come. We used to discuss a lot on social platforms but when we came face to face, only silence and smiles spoke. It is a feeling – I know but I don’t know. Let your friendship transcend from the virtual world to a beautiful reality.

One of the veteran writers, Jayanth Kaikini quotes an instance where he and his wife go to a marriage event. Mr. Jayanth observes a dead silence in the hall breaking the usual hullabaloo of Indian marriages. When he asks one of the attendees for the reason, he says, “We all are Facebook Friends.”

New Year Resolution Ideas
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#5 Eat Different Cuisine

The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating. Being in India, you should definitely try the diversified recipes, cuisines, flavors which have become an integral part of this country. From Karnataka’s Mysuru Pak, Kerala’s Idiyappam, Andhra’s Biriyani, Maharastra’s Misal Pav, Rajasthan’s Bajri Ka Roti, to Malai at Varanasi, and Uttar Pradesh’s Pasanda. Food is a feeling that never ends.

new year goals
Image Credits – NDTV

#6 Read Books

When it comes to reading books, we give reasons like – I don’t have time, fiction sucks, novels are boring, and etc. Fair enough, but how many books have you read to make that conclusion is a question. Reading is a conversation. All books talk. But a good book listens as well. In your genre, pick a book and start reading it. It will definitely help you in all ways.

“Book Give a Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination, and Life to Everything.”

New Year Resolution Ideas
Image Credits – Business Insider

#7 Meditate, at least for 30 Minutes A Day!

Meditation helps. It is a space where you will be with yourself. We do a whole lot of things but can’t we sit for 30 minutes eyes closed? It is definitely possible, right? Let us start meditating this year and explore something we haven’t experienced before.

New Year Resolution Ideas
Image Credits – Quiet

#8 Learn One New Word A Day

You are often judged by your choice of words, a choice that can make or break the possibilities. Words are powerful which helps you to express your feelings and so it becomes important to have enough words in your dictionary. It is a simple exercise where you pick a word, note it down and try to use it in your daily communication.

new year 2018
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#9 Breathe Positivity

Being positive is a habit that we all should cultivate to tackle the things around us. It keeps you inspired and motivated. Surround yourself with positive thinkers, be in a positive environment, avoid exposing yourself to gloomy things and see, you’ll be the happiest person on the globe.

New Year Resolution Ideas
Image Credits – Odyssey

#10 Seek inward

This is something you got to explore. It is high time to come out of those nuances, clutters and seek the reality within yourself. Walking on a spiritual path is a beautiful experience that you cannot afford to miss, at any cost.

New Year Resolution Ideas

#11 Take a Solo Trip

If travel is an experience then Solo trip is more than an experience. This is the space where you explore the unexplored, meet new people, struggle, however, at last, you come out as a different person altogether. Solo trip is definitely a must-try.

new year resolution ideas
Image Credits – Triphobo

So, these were some of the new year resolution ideas we have for you. If you want to share your thoughts on this topic then please let us know in the comments below.

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