New Modern Hotel of Basavanagudi which has still retained its old Warm Charm is a paradise for Foodies in Benglauru

new modern hotel

This is a place where most people living in Basavanagudi start their day. New Modern hotel or popularly known as NMH is located in VV Puram, Basavanagudi. One thing we liked about this hotel is its Sambar. It is just WOW man. The classic old ambiance of the hotel, local food and the beauty of Basavanagudi is something you cannot afford to miss. New Modern Hotel has Darshini culture and is one of the legendary hotels which is serving Bengaluru for years.

Don’t get surprised to see Waiters in Lungi. This is a place which is emotionally attached to Old Bangalore’s memories. If you want to experience the Old Bangalore lifestyle then NMH is highly recommended.

new modern hotel

People’s Favorite New Modern Hotel

We have visited this hotel for million times and it is so usual that we are running short of words to put it in a convincing way. So, let’s look at what people are saying.

Lohit Chalam on Zomato writes,

“New Modern Hotel aka NMH is one of the legendary “Hole in the wall” restaurant of Basavanagudi. This one of the best place for breakfast, lunch, evening quick bites. Masala Dosa, idly, bread toast with in-house made jam and sagu, Puri, thali are the best. One must try all their sweets like Badam Puri, Halwa, Pheni.Badam Halwa is the best of all.”

new modern hotel

Crave for Soft Idlis, Ghee Masala Dose, and Darshini special Sambar

Ankur Sille reviews NMH as,

Visited this place on a weekend early morning. It was one of the legendary places where I wanted to try the Dosa. It is among the oldest places in Bangalore. They have a historic ambiance and has been kept the same way. The place is kept clean and is a small place with a not large number of seats. The guys serving are helpful and polite. The service is really quick.

new modern hotel

They have two types of masala dosa, one is the special one which is roasted in ghee and the latter is made in normal oil and is less oily. The dosa was roasted to perfection and was crispy. The Dosa’s here are also served with Sambhar unlike most of the other darshinis. Sambar here is not something very amazing but serves its purpose. The idlis are really the best ones I had in Bangalore. The idlis were soft that they were dissolving just after putting them in the mouth. I am not a great fan of coffee but the coffee was also good here.

Must-Have: Puri Saagu, Vada-Sambar, Idli Sambar, Chiroti Milk, Rava Idli, Thatte Idli, and Coffee

Where: Near Minnarva Circle, AN Krishna Rao road, VV Puram, Basavanagudi

Open: 7 AM – 9 PM

Make time for New Modern Hotel. You will love it for sure. Don’t forget to check out our post – 15 Super-Famous Food Points and Fun Things to do in Basavanagudi

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