10 Coastal Food Items You Should Definitely Try At New Mangalore Stores Of Malleshwaram

new mangalore stores

Are you a lover of Coastal flavors? New Mangalore Stores in Malleswaram packs the best of food and food ingredients. This outlet is conveniently located in Malleshwaram and can be reached quite easily. Be it, sweets, namkeen or ingredients for a coastal delicacy, you can find it all here. Pick from fresh produce because it includes the rarely seen breadfruit and pathrode. One can also shop spice mixes to add to your meat, fish or other recipes. New Mangalore Stores also has on its list goodies for special occasions such as Ashtami laddoos, and Ganesh Chaturthi modaks. Just come and explore for yourself to enjoy fresh and delicious foods. Here are 10 items you cannot miss at the New Mangalore Stores.

Potato Sonte

Made from potatoes and sometimes with sweet potatoes, this Mangalorean delicacy is a deep-fried snack you can never get enough of! Be it with tea, with ketchup or all on its own, this snack will be something you can never regret!

new mangalore stores

Mango Pulp Bars

We all love mangoes, and we love it when mango pulp is made into sweet bars, what could be better than this? Call it what you want (some call it aam papad) but you can’t deny how much you enjoyed these, and that you’d prefer these over chocolate bars when they were stacked up at home.

new mangalore stores


A Tamil delight, this sweet is specially served to mark festivals. According to inscriptions dating to Krishnadevaraya’s time, this sweet was originally prepared using rice flour, jaggery, butter, and pepper. At the annual festival of the Panchavarnesvar Temple in Nallur, an offering of 6,000 Adhirasams is made to the reigning deity. The entire lot is cooked in the temple kitchen, starting at sunrise and continuing till about 11 in the night, in time for the prayers that are conducted at midnight. This delicacy can always be found at New Mangalore Stores, Malleshwaram.


A Konkani favorite, this dish is often prepared for special occasions including parties or festivals. Mando is a good option when you want to relish something different. It is an amazing dish loved by people of all age groups. The flavourful ingredients are the key to the amazing taste of Mando. New Mangalore stores, Malleshwaram brings to you the best of this delight.

new mangalore stores


The Mangalorean pancake is best enjoyed when crisp, and this deep-fried delicacy is most popular during the festivals of Holi and Eid. Though this delicacy is of Konkani origin, you don’t have to travel all the way to Mangalore for this delight! You can come down to New Mangalore Stores, Malleshwaram, for a bunch of these!

new mangalore stores


Who doesn’t love samosas? We all enjoy them at every occasion. New Mangalore Stores, Malleshwaram, has the best of freshly cooked samosas, which can be had with chutney or with ketchup!

new mangalore stores


This deep-fried delicacy made with the combination of rice flour, jaggery, cardamom, coconut, and sesame seeds is always at its yummiest and always worth looking forward to! Using the best of these ingredients, the kajayas at New Mangalore Stores are worth the wait if you ever need to brave through an eager crowd.

new mangalore stores

Mangalore Buns

Buns is a popular breakfast and tea time snack in the Udupi – Mangalore region. Buns are sweet, soft fluffy puris made using banana. Usually served with spicy coconut chutney and sambar, they also taste great without any accompaniment. They’re amazingly flavourful & delicious because of ingredients. A bunch of these from New Mangalore Stores and a few of your breakfasts sorted!

new mangalore stores


This is one snack you cannot miss at this amazing store. Made with colocasia leaves stuffed with rice flour, tamarind, and jaggery, this delicacy will take you on a trip of flavors that you will never forget!

new mangalore stores


Be it all as a tea time snack or all by itself, nothing beats the classic all-time favorite. What’s more, they also make a good item when gifting edibles! Freshly prepared and delicious, this classic snack never goes out of style.

new mangalore stores

come down to Malleshwaram and check out this coastal paradise for yourself!

Timings: 9 am – 9 pm throughout the week.

Location: 28, 11th Cross Rd, Near Sri vidya mandir School, Malleshwaram West, Bengaluru.

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