Quarantine Time: 8 Absolutely Unknown Kannada Titles You Can Stream On Amazon Prime

new kannada movies on amazon prime

OTT’s have effected a revolution in the way cinema is viewed in our country. However, in the queue, it is Amazon Prime that has presumably produced the highest impact.

Be it the latest box-office hits or quality original shows, Prime has regularly dazzled us with its content. In the Kannada section too, the platform is slowly picking up. With movies such as KGF, Love Mocktail, and Dia in the cask, the Kannada subscribers are steeply increasing.


However, in this article, it will not be the KGF’s or Dia’s we dwell upon, but on a few unfamiliar titles on the platform. Not many of us are informed of these movies, and we aren’t exactly sure how they made it to Prime in the first place. Here is more regarding these films.

Poornasathya – The Mirror

Apparently serving as a mirror to married life in the middle-class society, this movie starring Yathiraj and former Bigg Boss contestant Gowthami Gowda, is available on Prime. However, not many can trace when the movie arrived at the theatres.

new kannada movies on amazon prime

Pandit Bhagyavidhata

Krishnendra Pandit has directed this movie, apart from casting himself as the lead protagonist in the story. Hence, it is not surprising that ‘Pandit’ appears in the movie title too.


new kannada movies on amazon prime


Although there are a few recognizable faces in the movie, it never made noise amongst the audience when it released. We sure haven’t watched it, but you definitely have the resources to find out if it manages a few laughs in any manner.


Surely the makers have pulled off a coup by having their film on Prime. Although there are several fanatics of the Kannada cinema out there, we are not very certain if they would have heard about this movie.

new kannada movies on amazon prime


Released it 2012, this movie revolves around eye-donation, as per the description on the streaming service. ‘Innovatively’ the makers have titled their product as ‘See U’ and Prime must have ‘seen’ something really extraordinary to stream this movie.


U The End A

‘The Most Free Person is the one who has nothing to hide’ reads the poster of this movie on Prime. Well, Prime is definitely ‘free’ in this case.


Supposedly a cyber-crime thriller, C++ is surely a surprise on Prime, considering the movie almost faded away without a trace at the box-office.


Friendship and Love are common subjects in cinema, more so in the Kannada Film Industry. Falling in this category, the movie called ‘Dosthi’ hardly made a name in the biz. but can consider slightly lucky to own decent visibility on Prime.