The New Grand Prashanth Family Restaurant in Bengaluru Serves Authentic Traditional Rural Cuisine

New Prashant Grand Hotel

In the current era when most restaurants try hard to get the taste right by using different kinds of chemicals, it is hard to find a place where you can get simple food which tastes just like the way it tastes at home.

Well, the New Grand Prashanth Family Restaurant in Magadi Road tries to address this issue and they seem to have found a perfect yummy solution to this problem. Located on the Magadi Main Road on the 1st Floor of the MM Complex Kanthi Sweets building, this joint is probably the only hotel where you can take your family to, in this locality.

This hotel remains closed on Monday while it starts functioning on the other days from 12 pm till 11 in the night. There is a short break between 4 pm and 6 pm during which a few more dishes are added to the menu card for the dinner. Also, do note that this hotel would open 4 hours earlier, at 8 am, every Sunday.

New Prashant Grand Hotel

Authentic Traditional Rural Cuisine

If you leave a hardcore non-vegetarian at this restaurant in the morning, chances are that he would not leave this joint until he has tasted the maximum number of dishes on the menu card. Yes, you heard that right, as this is the impact that New Grand Prashanth Family Restaurant delivers to the customers with its non-veg items.

New Prashant Grand Hotel

Starting with the Biryanis, there are plenty of dry options such as Kabab and Tandooris along with a few other dishes which fall under the ‘Special category’ like Chicken Drum Stick and Indian Chinese Tandoori which is prepared to perfection here. While the Leg Soup is available only on Sundays, you also get Sea Food at this restaurant.

New Prashant Grand Hotel

Of course, to maintain the authenticity, the management has given an ‘Authentic Traditional Rural ‘ touch to their dishes with the trademark extra spice and the nutritious Ragi Balls along with it.

New Prashant Grand Hotel

Fresh & Neat

The interiors of the hotel have been done neatly and offer good and relaxing mood. You can opt for either the AC or the Non-AC sections and you need not worry much about the price as no extra charge is levied for the AC section. The premises have been maintained well and hygiene is never an issue at this hotel.

New Prashant Grand Hotel



Home-Made Recipe is the USP of this restaurant. Tasting Powder is not used and hence, you can feel the actual taste of the dishes here. Moreover, the meat that is used is not preserved and the freshness of the ingredients can be felt in the dishes. Coloring of food is been banned here and this factor has become a major winner amongst the diet-conscious customers at this restaurant.

New Prashant Grand Hotel

Organic Ragi is used for the Ragi Mudde while Sona Masoori and Basmati Rice are employed for the Biryanis. Most importantly, all the dishes are served on Banana Leaf which accentuates the taste of the meal in front of us.

Overall, New Grand Prashanth Family Restaurant is a perfect place for a family lunch outing and also serves as a must-visit for the non-veg food jinkies in the city.

New Prashant Grand Hotel

New Prashant Grand Hotel

Open: 12 PM – 11 AM (Mon-Sat) | 8 AM – 11 PM (Sunday) – Monday Holiday

Where: #63 12th A Cross, MM Complex, Kanti Sweets Building 1st Floor, Magadi Road, Agrahara Dasarahalli, Bengaluru.

Contact: 080-23355466 | 9606338338 for Free Home Delivery. 




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