Never Blamed Audience For Ulidavaru And ASN – Netizens In Praise For ‘Film Maker’ Rakshith Shetty

Rakshit Shetty starrer 777 Charlie was released on Friday, June 10. The Kannada star and producer is receiving rave reviews for his acting and storyline. Netizens have now shared the reason why Rakshit Shetty has earned himself a name in Kannada Film Industry.

Rakshit Shetty a Gem of Kannada cinema

Rakshit Shetty is known for his experiments in Kannada cinema. The Kannada actor who is playing the lead role in the movie has been receiving positive reviews for his performance in the movie and is also being appreciated for bringing a hear-touching story to the audience.


Netizens are now praising Rakshit Shetty for his hard work and dedication. They have also described how the actor never waited for an opportunity but created himself.

One Twitter user writes, “KFI makers should take RakshitShetty as an example. – He didn’t cry that producers aren’t giving him chances. He built his own team and made his own movies. – Never blamed the audience for uLidavaru kanDante or ASN. He corrected himself & moved on.”

“Found new ways to promote always… Whether it was social media promotions during Kirik Party or now the free premiere shows to pet lovers and capturing their reactions. Getting this hype for a classy movie is not at all a joke,” he adds.


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