Netizens Digs Out Akshay Kumar’s Old Cigarette Ad, Calls Out His Hypocrisy

After facing much backlash from his fans, Akshay Kumar revealed that he will no longer be the ambassador of the pan masala brand that he had signed up for recently. To make things more complicated, the celebrity’s apology has raised some more eyebrows as Twitter digs out an old image of Akshay Kumar endorsing a cigarette brand.

Akshay Kumar Faces Backlash

The Bollywood Khiladi has had to face huge backlash following his endorsement of the pan masala brand, Vimal. This is because he had earlier vowed to never associate himself with any pan masala brand. His contradictory steps have drawn widespread criticism from netizens with various memes highlighting his hypocrisy circulating on social media platforms.


As a result, the actor has decided to withdraw from the pan masala brand in what seems like damage control. He has published an apology for the endorsement that has raised eyebrows and took to his official Twitter handle to express his regret over the decision.

Akki’s old cigarette ad

But this doesn’t stop here. After the celeb published an apology for the endorsement netizens shared another old image of the actor where he once did an ad for a cigarette brand.

“While I have not endorsed tobacco”!! Cigarettes are made of gulkand (rose petals preserve) kya? Liar,” tweeted journalist Ujval Nanavati. “And then there’s Bagpiper. And sugary colas. Pity a country where a person like you is a role model of success,” a Twitter user wrote pointing out Akki’s old images.