Netizens Come In Support Of Prakash Raj’s Slapping Scene In Jai Bhim

 A slapping scene featuring actor Prakash Raj in the just-released Tamil film ‘Jai Bhim’ has triggered a massive debate on Twitter. The scene in which Prakash Raj is shown slapping a Hindi-speaking pawn broker, asking him to speak in Tamil instead was supported by some while some felt dejected as they believed that it hurt the national sentiments. While some suggest that the scene has to be perceived in a different manner and the character has not deliberately tried to suppress a hindi speaking individual’s voice.

Netizens Come In Support Of The Scene

The police officer’s character (played by Prakash Raj in the film) only asks the pawn broker’s character to speak in Tamil because of the latter’s efforts to use language as an instrument to obfuscate the truth and his involvement in the crime.


“The scene is not against Hindi-speaking Indians. The particular character tries to get away by speaking in Hindi (so that Prakash Raj wouldn’t understand) and knowing this strategy, he slaps him and asks him to speak in Tamil.


Well, everyone has their own way of conceiving the facts and everyone has the right to put up their own opinion but it should be limited to the range of watching films and criticising it. Creating yet another controversy or framing it as an anti national propaganda must not be our duty. Looking at the incidents of the movie and the story line it more or less seems to be an aggressive part of the movie where Prakash Raj was being spontaneous in his reactions.