#PrayForNesamani Bug Bite Actors Siddhartha & Samantha Akkineni; Creates Storm On Social Media

nisamane memes

For more than 24 hours now, the memes, jokes, and videos requesting people to #PrayForNesamani have created quite a storm on social media. And surprisingly, this bug has also bitten actors Siddhartha and Samantha Akkineni. So what exactly is this trend that has almost every active netizen responding with hilarious memes and comments?

Comedy Actor Vadivelu And His Fictional Character Neasamani

The staunch followers of the comedy actor Vadivelu know his popular dialogues and characters by heart. These fans quite frequently quote the dialogues of Vadivelu in their comments. Neasamani is a fictional character played by Vadivelu which began trending when a Pakistani user posted pictures of hammer on the media and asked the social media users “What is the name of this tool in your country?”


As in reply, a Tamilian netizen gave a funny response to her post saying that it is a hammer which Krishnamoorthy drops on the head of his uncle Neasamani accidentally. This particular is a scene from Vijay and Suriya-starer Friends that was released in 2001. Vadivelu’s fictional character Neasamani has now achieved cult status among its diehard Tamil fans and now #PrayForNeasamani is trending at the top across the globe in the last 2 days.

Samantha & Siddharth Also Join The Bandwagon

Intrigued by the memes and the trend, actors Samantha Akkineni and Sidharth also joined it and came up with their own versions on Twitter.

Siddarth took this opportunity to come up with a creative jibe at the CM of Tamil Nadu Edappadi K Palaniswami.




There were a few who even went a bit further saying that a petition demanding that the communists drop the hammer as the symbol in elections has already been filed because it is causing Neasamani a lot of pain.