”Need To Spend More On Healthcare Than On Defence”: Actor-Politician Kamal Haasan

Kamal Hassan1

Makkal Needhi Maiam chief Kamal Haasan has suggested that India must spend more on healthcare than on defence in the coming years.

Kamal Haasan’s Vision Statement

In his vision-statement, Actor-Politician Kamal Haasan has described the state of India after the conclusion of the Coronavirus Pandemic. He had a few suggestions to make, especially on the investments of the country in the future.


Need to spend more on health than defence

While America spends 8% of its GDP on Healthcare and 3.1% on Defence, India spends 2% of its GDP on Defence and around 1% on Healthcare. Kamal said this might have to change if India needs to successfully come out of the Coronavirus impact.

The veteran actor added that the cooperation of the state governments with the central government has been critical in the country’s fight against the outbreak. Kamal Haasan felt that this should become a norm in the future.

Kamal had a few suggestions for the government

Kamal’s opinion on Agriculture

Kamal Haasan, in the statement, noted that the migrant workers have been traveling back to their native, which means that urban jobs could be on the decline. Hence, he asked the government to focus on providing employment to these citizens.


A good step could involve a focus on the agricultural sector. Haasan concentrated on improving the agricultural sector and boosting agro-based MSMEs that will help retain youth in the sector.

Comments on Poverty in India

Kamal suggested that the government could work towards achieving income equality in the coming days. He said:  

The rich must be stripped of their riches but that the poor must be empowered.


The actor finished his statement by claiming that the Coronavirus crisis is a chance for India to rise from the shadows and correct the wrongdoings.