Nawazuddin Siddiqui Quits OTT, Says It Has Become A ‘Dumping Ground’, Here’s What He Said

The OTT platforms have been flourishing these days with lots of content to watch and the pandemic period became a gateway for streaming platforms to expand their business. Meanwhile, some legendary superstars have started feeling that the OTT platforms have become a dumping ground for redundant stories in the industry. The man who put forth similar views is none other than the sacred games superstar ‘Nawazuddin Siddiqui’.

OTT Has Become A Dumping Ground

When it comes to OTT platforms, we’re seeing how so many shows have been popping up nowadays. You could say that that has given the audience more variety than we’ve ever seen before but on the flip side, there definitely seems to be a surplus of it all. And actor Nawazuddin Siddique seems to have similar thoughts about it.



Gaitonde in sacred games

In a recent interview, Siddiqui says that he is quitting OTT as he thinks that it has become more about quantity than quality. The platform has become a dumping ground for redundant shows. “We either have shows that don’t deserve to be seen in the first place. Or sequels to shows that have nothing more to say” said the actor.

OTT Has Now Become A Dhandha

The actor also said that OTT has become a business of a sort, and it is more profit-focused than aiming to bring in freshness like it used to in the beginning.

“When I did Sacred Games for Netflix, there was an excitement and challenge around the digital medium. New talent was being given a chance. Now that freshness is gone. It’s become a dhanda (racket) for big production houses and actors who are now so-called stars on the OTT platform…” added Nawaz in the interview. Well, it’s true in many manners, earlier the Netflix and other soaring OTT platforms had a brand to endorse but now considering the competition which the pandemic posed upon the creators led to a compromised screen quality and stories behind the shows.