12 Twitter Reviews You Should Read Before Booking Tickets For Natasarvabhouma


The much-awaited Puneeth Rajkumar starrer Natasarvabhouma has officially hit the theatres today. The movie had opened its show from midnight in the three main theatres of Bengaluru. Natasarvabhouma is released with a total shows of 550 in Bengaluru alone, thus breaking the KGF’s record of 525 shows. People who have watched the early shows of Natasarvabhouma are pouring great reviews giving hints of the movie becoming a blockbuster hit.

When it is a big-star movie, for obvious reasons, it sets a huge expectation. This is for the first time Puneeth is seen playing the role of a photojournalist in a horror backdrop. As per the reviews, it is a usual grudge-based story but an off-beat screenplay keeps the flick interesting. Puneeth Rajkumar stands out in every scene with his dance moves setting a signature style in the industry.

Source: Filmibeat

On the other hand, Chikkanna’s comedy tickles your funny bones while Rachitha Ram looks neat and descent. Though Anupama Parameshwaran’s screen presence is less, the actress catches your attention. On the other hand, actors appearing in supporting roles have added their own flavor to the story and audience are in awe with them too, especially Achyuth Kumar and Ravi Shankar.

Source: Filmibeat

In short, Natasarvabhouma has an amazing first-half with a decent second-half offering a great sense of entertainment to the audience. People who have watched the movie has given out their reviews on Twitter. It seems that most of them have liked the movie and a few are totally in love with it.

So, these were the early reviews of Natasarvabhouma. On a whole, the movie has come out as a family entertainer and for sure, it is a treat for Puneeth Rajkumar fans.

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