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Nani’s No Kannada Release Statement Resulted A Backlash, Actor Later Apologized

At the teaser release event of ‘Ante Sundaraniki,’ Nani’s statements about why his movie “Ante Sundaariniki” isn’t being translated into Kannada have reportedly gone viral, and many Kannadigas have been offended as a result. The actor later responded to the comments on social media, explaining why he said that.

Nani’s statement drew controversy 

During the teaser release event of his next film ‘Ante Sundaraniki,’ Nani said that there would be no Kannada version of the film since the Kannada audience knows the Telugu language, and they will be able to enjoy it in the original version.


“We actors always like to show the original version of the film with our own voices to a larger set of audience but due to the language-specific issues, we end up dubbing the films and release in other languages. Only with the Kannada language, we don’t have such issues because they understand the Telugu language well and watch Telugu movies a lot, this is the reason for not releasing the film in Kannada,” Nani had said during the teaser release event of his next film ‘Ante Sundaraniki’.

The statement, however, did not go well with the Kannadigas. Many of them on social media started bashing Nani for not dubbing the film in Kannada. Many even complained that not all Kannada audiences understand Telugu and his statement was baseless.

Seeing the outrage on social media, Nani tried to control the situation by tweeting, “Apologies if not conveyed properly, proud of Kannada cinema and its success across the boundaries.”


“All I was expressing was my gratitude for how a lot of my films or other telugu films Wer appreciated by our Kannada family there even when there was no dubbing version available. A particular answer in a press meet comes with context. Social media takes the context out,” he said.

It is not the first time Kannadigas were angry about Telugu films not being dubbed in Kannada. Previously they have shown their concerns regarding Telugu films doing well in Karnataka and even doing better than Kannada films in cities like Bengaluru. Thanks to KGF Chapter 2, previously the highest-grossing film in Karnataka was Baahubali 2. Lots of Kannada cinema fans claim that the Kannada film industry has been suffering huge losses for a long time due to Telugu movies being released in the state. So their outrage is justified when Nani said he won’t release Ante Sundaraniki in Kannada.