This Place Named Namma Kudla Serves Authentic Mangalorean And Konkani Taste in Namma Bengaluru

namma kudla malleswaram

Malleshwaram can as well be called as the authentic food capital of Bengaluru. With the area playing host to a number of joints serving authentic Bengaluru food, here we are, telling you about one more hotel falling in the same category in Malleshwaram. However, this time around, it is pure Mangalorean and Konkani Cuisine.

Located on Temple Street between the 8th and the 10th Cross Road in Malleshwaram, Namma Kudla opens at 7:30 in the morning and would continue its services until 9:30 in the night. This restaurant is easily traceable and if you are planning to eat out at this joint, better make sure you start early.

Authentic Mangalorean and Konkani Cuisine

If you are someone who does not belong from the Southern part of Karnataka, it will be a little hard to understand the names of a few dishes on the menu. For a coastal citizen though, Namma Kudla’s menu will be equivalent to reading a Holy Book. However, for any individual who has a tongue in place, this menu will make sure he/she would not be disappointed.

Namma Kudla serves only vegetarian dishes and has a diverse menu to fulfill customers at any time of the day. Idli, Kotte, Moode, Buns, Neer Dose, Biscuit Rotti and Ganji Meals are some of the famous servings available at this joint. All of these are relatively low-priced and extremely tasty too.

namma kudla malleswaram

A Fresh Atmosphere

Although the limited seating facilities might disappoint you, Namma Kudla is a good restaurant that offers the feel of being in a coastal town. A lot of Mangalore/Udupi citizens visit this restaurant and you can be assured of Tulu being spoken around you. Hence, this place does offer a unique and fresh ambiance.

The joint is well maintained and is cleaned often that makes sure hygiene will never be of an issue. Service is quick and to the point. The self-service system is also convenient for all customers.

namma kudla malleswaram


Most of the dishes are served in jackfruit leaves and that is only a slight introduction of this cuisine to you. You would be amazed by the Neer Dose which is probably the synonym of Kudla cuisine. Not to forget, the Kotte, Moode, Biscuit Ambode, Buns, Kashaya, Surnali, Pathrode, Ganji Meals are all extremely tasty and will give you an unforgettable experience. Most importantly, all of these are priced at around Rs 40-50 and that makes Namma Kudla worth to put on your weekend planner.

While diversity is one reason why you must plan a visit to this joint, there is also one more reason why Namma Kudla cannot be missed. There are very few restaurants that serve authentic Mangalore dishes in Bengaluru and when it comes to the Konkani cuisine, the number of restaurants serving this variety of food is in single digits. Here, we have a hotel that serves both these cuisines and hence, for someone who wants his taste buds to get different kinds of experience, Namma Kudla is a must-visit.

namma kudla malleswaram

Open: 7 AM – 10 PM

Where: 1st Temple Street, # 97, 8th Cross Rd, Opposite Pragani Cooperative Bank, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru



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