Namma Bengaluru Heals Under Lockdown; Time Travels Back To The Past

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The first phase of lockdown that was supposed to end on the 14th of April has been extended until the 3rd of May. This means that the vibrant city of Bengaluru will remain calm for some more days.

When the nationwide lockdown was announced, like the rest of the country, there was a sense of panic among the people of Bengaluru. For many, their work was supposed to be from home. The weekend in the coming weeks was supposed to be dry locked in their respective rooms. The food streets that otherwise would smell of butter dosa and the taste of chat masala would be abandoned. The lifestyle was on the verge of a major alteration and that caused panic.


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Bengaluru time travels back to the past

Three weeks later, for the city as a whole, it isn’t a scarier picture. Nature has regained the streets of the city as it used to in the late 80s. The fact that it is summer has added to the color of the city with pretty blue skies being the background to bright yellow flowers blooming.

The traffic, too, is limited like in the 80s. Minimal mobility of vehicles due to the strict guidelines has made the honking disappear from the city. The pollution has drastically decreased that has increased the air quality. The roads are cleaner, brighter and fresher.


empty bengaluru lockdown photos
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Bengaluru has always been known for its on the feet growth. The people are in a hurry, either to work, to home or to rush to their favorite eateries. The lockdown has, in a way, paused the hurry. In the course of three weeks, a new kind of lifestyle has been adopted by the people. One forgets that humans are the most adaptable creatures. There has been a realization that work can be done from home. A new wave of working from culture might evolve post the COVID-19 crisis.

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On a personal front, those staying with families have found a way to connect back to their families by spending more time with them. In more ways than one, Bengaluru feels like it has time traveled. A calmer, a laid back and yet having the spirit to fight a crisis like the one at hand now.