Namma Bengaluru Gets Rs 10,000 Crore To Fix Its Roads, Traffic And Trash


Bengaluru on its state’s 2020-21 budget received almost 10,000 crores for the development of the city’s infrastructure. In the state budget, Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa announced the amount in which, Rs 8,772 crore is meant for the overall development and Rs 999 crore for solid waste.

Budget 2020-21

CM Yediyurappa in his government’s latest budget seeks to address Bengaluru’s three major problems: confused planning, mobility crisis and crumbling solid waste management system. The government has given a green signal for an action plan which permits Rs 999 crore to make Bengaluru a model city in solid waste management.


Yediyurappa also declared over Rs 5,550 crore for the Cauvery Phase V Project, which seeks to supply 775 million liters of water to Bengaluru, and another Rs 1,000 crore for improving sewage treatment plants (STPs).

source: bengaluru.citizenmatters

Nevertheless, out of the total budget cleared for the Cauvery project by the cabinet earlier, only Rs 800 crore will proceed this year. The funding for the STP plan will come from the budget of the Banglore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB).

Major announcements

Huge funds have been allocated for long-term projects such as the suburban rail, Metro corridor along Outer Ring Road, multi-modal transport hub on the outskirts of Bengaluru, 12 high-density traffic corridors and 11.5MW waste-to-energy project in Bidadi.


In a significant decision, the chief minister announced a separate Municipal Corporation Act, which would be framed for the country’s tech capital as its problems and requirements were complicated. Meanwhile, the city will be eliminated from the Karnataka Municipal Act, 1976.

BBMP commissioner BH Anil Kumar informed that he had proposed a separate act for the city and was glad that Yediyurappa announced it.

“We will now begin to formulate the act and the nuances will be worked out in the year. We should have this ready by next year,” he said.