13 Bang On Things You Can Relate To If You Have Traveled In Namma Bengaluru Autos

Namma Bengaluru Autos

Taking an ‘Auto’ ride in Bengaluru is not just an option for travel from Point A to Point B. It is an experience. For some, it is an emotion too. In many cases, it leaves a lasting impression on you.

So, one day, you suddenly wake up from sleep and find yourself inside an Auto. Do not worry about your whereabouts. If you observe the signs listed in this article, you can safely assume that you are in Bengaluru. For, as has been proven multiple times before, the experience of riding in a Bengaluru Auto is unique and just cannot be recreated.


On that note, here are 10 things you can relate to if you have traveled in Bengaluru Autos

1. Shankar Nag fanatics

Legendary Actor-Filmmaker Shankar Nag is the demigod for Auto Drivers across the city and the entire state. Auto Drivers love him to the core and you would find very few Autos/Auto Stands in the city without a picture of the iconic star.

Namma Bengaluru Autos

2. Big-Time Polygots (Multiple Language Experts)

New to Bengaluru? Don’t worry. Our Auto Drivers can communicate in your language, no matter which part of the country you are from. Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English and a host of other languages are a part of their illustrious resume.


Namma Bengaluru Autos
Credits: The Better India

3. Lovers of the Kannada Language

As a follow-up to the previous point, it has to be mentioned here that our Auto Drivers are lovers of the Kannada Language. A few Autos have also been designed in the ‘Red & Yellow’ theme which are usually accompanied by the pictures of the legends from the state.

Namma Bengaluru Auto

4. Thought for the Day

Do consider yourself unlucky if you have not come across the ‘quotes’ which are usually inscribed behind on an auto or sometimes, even at the back of the driver’s seat. These thoughts come straight from their hearts and carry a very profound meaning.

Namma Bengaluru Autos

5. The ‘Fare-Meter’ is just a showpiece

You go and ask an Auto Driver to drive you to a particular destination. In most cases, he would try to ‘pre-fix’ a rate rather than using the ‘Fare-Meter’. Especially during the night and when it is raining, this occurrence is higher. Of course, there are many who promptly use the ‘Fare-meter’ as well.


Namma Bengaluru Autos

6. One-And-Half (Wunnandaf!)

This ‘Bengaluru Phrase’ is self-explanatory! Basically, the Auto Driver is demanding an extra 50% over the ‘metered’ amount to ferry you to the destination. Reasons: The number of passengers could be more than three or your destination could be a little away from the main road. Understandably, this rule applies all over the city as soon as the clock strikes at 7 pm.

Namma Bengaluru Autos

7. At times, they decide the destination

Exactly. The Autos decide your destination at times. Wanna go to Silk-Board? Our boys are ready to drop you only until Hosur Road. There are numerous examples as such but all of this only adds to the experience.

Namma Bengaluru Autos

8. No less than a trip to Wonder La

While Bengaluru roads are ‘special’, when the Autos ride on them, they become even more special. So much special, they save you from spending 600 odd bucks for an adventurous trip to Wonder La with their own version of an ‘amusement park’. You could go sideways, upwards or a combination of both as well. All courtesy the bumpy rides our Autos provide you with.


Namma Bengaluru Autos

9. ‘Rules’ are meant to be broken. Autos take it seriously

Traffic Rules are just a few sets of lines written in a book. Our Auto-Drivers usually do not follow them and drive at their own speed in the directions of their choice. At times, they also give you a test to your ‘ judgment skills’ when they showcase their ability to squeeze in through the slightest of gaps.

10. Gem at Heart

At the end of the day, our Bengaluru Auto-Drivers can be considered as one of the best in the country. They always would want to help you and especially if you are from a different town, they are all the more courteous. As a matter of fact, they are the ones who stand as the first witness to many accidents in the city and arrange for the required medical assistance in a very short span of time.

Namma Bengaluru Autos

11. The Problem of ‘Change’

‘Change’ here means any amount of money in the denominations of Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50 or even Rs 100 at times. Anything above these denominations is likely to give rise to a few problems wherein you will have to run from one shop to another in search of ‘Change’.

12. Decibel Breachers

According to the law book of Autos, Music is not music if not played at full volume. And, it is also not music if the music does not have beats and high notes.


13. ‘Safe-to-the-ear’ Foul Words

Auto-Drivers are usually impatient, especially in a traffic jam. Here, we can ear them spit out a few fits of abuse or expletives (could be referring to anyone) to vent out their frustration. They are harmless and very much ‘U’ rated.

The tale of an Auto Driver

At times in movies, it could be difficult to relate to the lead protagonist. In a movie titled Kapata Nataka Paatradhari though, this aspect will not cross your mind as Balu Nagendra plays an auto-driver in the movie. We interact with auto-drivers daily and it is interesting to watch a story told in their perspective. Check out the movie ‘Kapata Nataka Paatradhari’ at your nearest theatres’ (Running Successfully)

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