Mysuru Dasara 2019: Man Gulps Three Ragi Balls (Mudde) In A Fraction Of Just 56 Seconds

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Mysuru Dasara, a 10 days festival is witnessing in-human activities in the state’s official festival. Believe it or not, a man was able to gulp 3 ragi balls in a fraction of just 56 seconds on the stopwatch. Well, this is not it, a 60-year-old woman was able to gulp down 6 idlis in just 60 seconds. Amazing, isn’t it?

Man eats 3 Ragi balls within a minute

Mysuru Dasara is Karnataka’s official 10-day festival. These days, several food eating competitions are conducted to keep the spirits alive amongst the citizens. Ahara Mela was an event conducted by Scouts and Guides ground which hosted Ragi Mudde and Koli Saaru eating competition. A man named Venkatesh, who was one of the participants at the event gulped three Ragi Muddes along with Naati Koli Saaru in just 56 seconds.

source: dailyhunt

In this competition, each participant was given three Ragi Balls, which weighed close to 200 grams, followed by 50 grams of curry. They had to dip the Mudde in the curry and gulp the ragi balls subsequently.

Venkatesh, who hailed from Srirangapatna, was able to finish the dish within a minute. By the time, people were in shock as they realize that he had eaten three ragi balls in just 56 seconds. Shivanand who was another participant took one minute and 26 seconds to grab the 2nd place while Shivanna stood third after completing the contest in 1 minute 36 seconds. Overall, 27 people had registered for this competition and 10 were selected through a lottery.

60-year-old gulps 6 idlis in a minute

Talking about Idlis, a man requires a minimum of 5 minutes to eat 6 idlis at a time. Well, these assumptions have put into check by a 60-year-old woman who hails from Mysuru. This old lady has gulped down six idlis in a minute during an idli-eating competition in Mysuru on October 1.

source: dailyhunt

In this festival occasion, the idli-eating competition was held especially for women during Mysuru Dasara. According to the rules of the contest, the one who eats the maximum number of idlis in a minute would be declared as the winner. Sarojamma, a resident of Hullahalli, found this to be a no big deal as she secured first place in the competition for eating 6 idlis within a minute.



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