10 Reasons Why Mysuru is Continuing to Become The Cleanest City In India

mysuru cleanest city

I had rarely been to Mysuru but my best-closed ones stay in this beautiful city. Yes!! I call them lucky!! In the travel and tourism industry what attracts the most is Cleanliness. The beautiful city of Karnataka, Namma Mysuru makes it to the list of cleanest cities to visit in India!!

It is well known for the enchanting of Mysuru Palace, Chamundi Hills, and St. Philomena’s church, with the constant buzz of tourists at all times of the year. Even with the heavy influx of travelers, this green city has managed to maintain extremely high standards of cleanliness and hygiene over the years.

Whats make Mysuru continue as the cleanest city in India? Let us see the reasons.

mysuru cleanest city

People of Mysuru

Mysore has ranked as the cleanest city but it would have been impossible without the beautiful people of Mysuru. Only these people who acted well and kept their surroundings clean is what makes the Mysuru rank on top lists. It is observed that people of Mysore are concerned about the cleanliness of the city and generally they do not throw the waste on the roadside. We owe you a big thank you Mysuru people.

mysuru cleanest city

Mysuru City Corporation

The pourakarmikas of Mysuru City Corporation has made it happen with the help of Mysore peoples. They started a door-to-door collection of garbage, cleaning of sewers, roads and open areas on a regular basis besides educating the people about hygiene. They surely helped to make the city clean.

mysuru cleanest city

Best Sewage system

Namma Mysuru has adapted to one of the best drainage and sewage systems in the country. It functions flawlessly and is strong enough to meet the demands of the population. Even during heavy monsoons, the city does not get flooded. And the rainwater drains easily as the sewage system is well organized in the right place. Mysore has always had a structured plan with regards to the layout of their sewage system and clearly that marks it to the best city.


Nope, the cleanliness is not just the government work, it is our work too. Many NGOs have sprung up in the city and they actively organized cleanliness drives to make sure the city is clean.

mysuru cleanest city

Waste disposal system

The solid waste is treated and most of the waste is recycled. There are even drives conducted to educate the masses on the types of waste and the better segregation of waste. Even the smallest of things are believed to be recyclable and is effectively recycled.

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Eco-Cubs in Schools

Environmental Education happens through Eco-Clubs in schools which perform activities to save the environment. Be it planting trees, organizing poster competitions on various environmental issues and more. Schools have managed to educated school children’s too to keep the city clean. It has motivated and educated the students to keep their surroundings green and clean by undertaking plantation of trees by creating awareness among public and sanitary workers.

mysuru cleanest city


Many youngsters are now more aware of the consequences of littering and other bad habits which make the city dirty. So they advise the people around to avoid such activities and help to keep the city clean.

Sanitation facilities

The sanitation facilities have been ramped up to ensure people have facilities all over the city and help keep the city clean.

mysuru cleanest city

Mysuru City layout and infrastructure

Mysuru is one of the royal cities of India with a rich cultural heritage and yet, the city has managed to blend modernity seamlessly with their age-old traditions. The city of palace and lakes and greenery, the city also has modern infrastructure like well-planned roads and a good layout which make it easy to navigate and capable of playing host to the innumerable tourists that throng it.

mysuru cleanest city

Contribution by Volunteers

Many companies have volunteered in Mysuru to constantly spread the General awareness and knowledge to people on cleanliness and educating with that. With cleanliness being an attractive theme in the travel and tourism industry, today our country is taking efforts to stay squeaky clean.

Mysuru is always known for its heritage and best tourism places. It won’t be long before more cities are added to this list. Let’s hope for the best and join hands as responsible tourists to make the entire country Swachh!!!!!

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