This Mystic Mukthi Naga Temple in Bangalore has the World’s Largest Monolithic Idol of Serpent God

mukthi naga temple

Mysticism and Snakes are always related if we look in the frame of reference to Yogic lure and Spirituality. Take any portraits of the saintly beings in meditation (Thapas), you see Snakes crawling around. It is a parable that serpents are perceptive to a larger insight. According to Hindu mythology, Snakes are worshiped as God because it is believed that they possess the greater perception towards an indefinite energy. This is the reason, we have so many temples dedicated to Snake Gods in India. In this context, if we look around, there is one temple called Mukthi Naga temple in Bangalore with World’s largest Idol of Serpent God. Come, let us know about it in detail on today’s read.

Mukthi Naga Temple on the Outskirts of Bangalore

This is one of the mystic temples of Bengaluru dedicated to Serpent God located in the outskirts, Ramohalli. Lord Subramanya, a form of Snake (As per Hindu mythology) is the main deity at Mukthi Naga Kshetra and is believed to be powerful among locales.

mukthi naga temple

History of Mukthi Naga temple

The present temple of Mukthi Naga got constructed only a few years ago but its history dates back to 200 years. The legend goes like there was a big snake who guarded the region preserving the serenity of energy source which existed in abundance. According to locales, earlier, this place was called as’Junjappa Bailu’ named after Junjappa, another serpent deity of the locality.

The story goes like, the Dharmadhikari Sri Subramanya Shastri who felt the divine presence at Kukke started searching for the presence of Naga Shrine in Karnataka. Thereafter, he got to know about the spiritual importance of Junjappa Bailu and decides to construct a temple here.

mukthi naga temple

The Serpent Idol of Mukthi Naga temple is regarded as one of the biggest monolithic Naga Idols in the World. It is said to be around 16 feet tall and 56 tons in weight which look humongous in architecture and fiery in its nature.

Shrines at Mukthi Naga temple

If you take a round in the parikrama of the temple then you get to see Renuka Yellamma at the entrance, Adi Mukthi Naga, and Patalamma shrines. One of the major attractions here is Karya Siddhi Vinayaka temple which is believed to be powerful in its vibrations. Apart from these, there are small Gudis dedicated to Shri Subramanya, Shri KalaBhairava, and Goddess Nilambike.

mukthi naga temple

Poojas and Traditions

In every Naga shrines, Naga Pratishtapana is an important ritual followed and Mukthi Naga temple is not an exception to it. One tradition that is followed here from the last 200 years is the 9 Pradakshinas around the ‘Hutta’ (anthill). Till today, Devotees follow this to get their desires fulfilled. Devotees can offer Mahaabisheka, Saparivara Seva, Sarpasamskara, Ashelsha Bali, PradoshaPooje, and Sarpa Dosha Parihara Pooja as per their Karma and Siddhi.

mukthi naga temple

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Way to Mukthi Naga Temple

Distance from Majestic Bus Station – 18 km.

Way: Mysuru Road (Kengeri) towards Big Banyan tree, Ramohalli Bus stand. Take a right turn towards Big Banyan tree (Dodda Aalada Mara) near Kengeri in Bangalore – Mysore Road to reach the temple.

Address: Shri Mutkhi Naga Kshtera, Ramohalli, Big Banyan tree, Kengeri, Benglauru.

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