With a History Of More Than 100 Years, Here Are A Few Interesting Things About Mysore Silk Saree

mysore silk saree

The beauty and splendor of a Mysore silk saree attract not only the Indians but also women from all over the world. It is quite enchanting to watch how the craftsmen weave magic with the threads and transform the creation into a colorful and silky exquisite fabric. The silk from Mysore, Karnataka looks outstanding because of its smooth texture, unique weave, and minimalist design.

It Is Exclusively Manufactured By KSIC

Unlike other types of silk sarees that are manufactured by different weavers individually the Mysore silk sarees is exclusively manufactured by the Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation (KSIC). So you will never get an exclusive Mysore silk saree anywhere else.

mysore silk saree

2. Produced By Oldest Silk Manufacturing Unit

These lovely sarees are produced by the oldest silk manufacturing unit of the country. Yes, it happens at Mysore Silk Weaving Factory. And so, Mysore becomes the oldest Silk Manufacturing unit of India.

mysore silk saree

3. GI Patent Registration

The KSIC inherits the privilege of being the sole proprietor of Mysore Silk saree from the erstwhile Royal Government of Mysore. Importantly, it also has a certificate for GI patent registration awarded in 2005. It means no one else can manufacture this saree apart from KSIC.

mysore silk saree

4. History Of More Than 100 Years

This Mysore silk saree has a history of more than hundred years and has an association with the Kingdom of Mysore. Despite the recession and other difficulties, the famous silk saree from Mysore continued to enjoy the glory. As of today, Mysore is the largest silk producer in the country.

According to history, the machine-made silk fabric made in Britain impressed Maharaja Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV when he went to Great Britain for the jubilee celebrations of Queen Victoria. Inspired by silk fabrics, he ordered 32 power-looms from Switzerland to start the earliest known machine-made silk sarees in India. Prior to that, Tipu Sultan imported silk cocoons from China to start a silk industry in Mysore.

5. Silk Sarees With Gold and Silver Weaving

It takes a lot of hard work to create such beautiful sarees. It is believed that Mysore silk sarees are one of a kind as they are the only sarees with gold weaving on them. That makes these sarees worth every penny. These sarees are manufactured using 65% pure Silver zari and 100% pure gold zari.

mysore silk saree

6. Each Saree Has Embroidered Code

Mysore silk sarees are the only sarees in the world to have an embroidered code number and a hologram on the saree, which is exclusive and first of its kind.

7. Long Shelf Life

Since the zari of these sarees is made from gold and silver, the Mysore silk sarees have a long shelf life lasting for decades together.

mysore silk saree

If you wish to know more then you can plan a trip to Mysore’s silk factory. At the Karnataka Silk industries corporation factory, one can see the preparation of Mysore silk saree from its scratch to fine finish. At an end of looking at the process, you will realize why the Mysore silk saree is priced so high. Right from how the silk is unspooled, spun into fibers, and loaded on bobbins and spindles to the weaving and dyeing process, a visit to Silk factory is a must among the things to do in Mysore

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