My Mother is Not Like The One You See in Every Mother’s Day Video


Mother, a feeling that never goes fade and loses its luster. If there is a hope in this world then it has to be in the eyes of a Mother. As an Ode to her efforts and sacrifice, we celebrate International Mother’s Day, every year as a tribute to all the Mothers of the World. On this day, we see loads of posts on Social media and Videos from brands fantasizing Mother in different ways but Deena Sheshappa says that her Mother is not like the One we see in Mother’s Day Videos. Come, let’s see what Deena has to say about her Mother.

Do not go with the Words. Just go with her feelings. Probably, by the end of the read, you may feel your Mother in the words of Deena.


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My Mom (ನನ್ನ ಅಮ್ಮ)

She is nothing like the typical moms portrayed in movies or those ever scolding moms in videos you see on Every Mother’s Day. My Mother has never asked my brother to get ಕೊತ್ತಂಬರಿ ಸೊಪ್ಪು (coriander), said him to turn off the stove or to get clothes from the terrace before it rains. Before we could wake up, she is all set for the day.

She is a simple lady who always wears Sarees pinned very neatly with the same hairstyle from 28 years. I have never seen her going to a beauty parlor and like every feminine and a typical Kannadathi, she is hugely fond of jewelry and heavy silk sarees. Even on my sister’s marriage, she was the same and nobody could know she is bride’s mother. Maybe that’s why even I like simple plain sarees.

She is soft-spoken and patient. The only scolding I have heard from her till now is ದೊಡ್ಡ ಕುದುರೆ and ಚಿಕ್ಕ ಕುದುರೆ. Yup. I know that’s not even a scolding but actually, it is for my mom and us. Not hearing any bad words at home, has made us not to use it either. She has bared all the torture from my grandmother for 15 years and showed us to how to be calm and patient.


mothers day

She is a very kind woman

Every mother takes care of their children well and everybody treat their family, relatives, friends, known ones with hospitality but it’s a rare thing to see someone treat the ones who come to beg the same way ( not that she calls them inside home ) but she gives the breakfast freshly prepared rather than giving night’s leftover food.

When there is a Government infrastructure going on or any sewage work is in the process, I have seen her voluntarily giving cold water in summer and preparing tea for them. That’s my Mother.

A for Apple to M for Mother

She was the one who taught me ಅ, ಆ, ಇ, ಈ and ABCD ( everybody does what’s so special about it ?? ) There is. She didn’t wait till I complete 3 years. She made me join the school at 2 n half years ( I was premature too ) noticing that I loved writing, reading and grasped things very soon.


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I have never heard my parents speaking about my complexion ( I was dark and my sister is fair ). They never spoke about it at all, it’s only after the television came in, I heard something like fair complexion, dark etc etc..

There has been no instance when they have compared us with any neighborhood children, cousins or anybody. They have never forced to take up streams which they want us to take, starting from my high school to post-grad, it was all left to us.

My Dad is an orthodox strict man but my mom compensated for that

Freedom does not spoil rather it makes you more responsible. My Dad is an orthodox strict man but my mom compensated for that. The freedom I received from her has made me realized where to draw lines, not to misuse, or break the trust. This kind of atmosphere at home has made us more compassionate, loving n empathetic.


Guys will obviously take care of their wives but it’s the mother in law they should be aware of. But whoever marries my brother will definitely get the best mother in law. Na, I would say mother.

mothers day

She is strong yet kind woman whom I look upon for her selflessness, caring attitude towards all with utmost patience and love. It is not easy to get married to a joint family of 10+ people, coming from a small village in Madikeri, facing all obstacles, rising against all odds.

She is great and I am proud of her. I am a strong woman because a strong lady raised me. Whatever I am today, whatever I will ever be, it is because of my Mother.

Deena (Daughter of Pushpa Sheshappa)


Hope you liked this piece of write-up from Deena. If have anything to share about your Mother then let us know in the comments below.

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