‘My Films Don’t Need Stars. They Need Actors’ : Vivek Agnihotri On Rumors Working With Kangana Ranaut

Vivek Agnihotri is currently the most popular filmmaker in India. Celebrities may like him or not, but some stars now want to work with him on his current stupendous success with The Kashmir Files. One rumor, however, suggests that Kangana Ranaut and Vivek Agnihotri will be working together on a film. Here is what the director of The Kashmir Files said.

Working with stars 

Vivek is currently running around the country promoting The Kashmir Files, after which he has decided to work on The Delhi Files will be released later this year.


Many speculated that Kangana will be working with the filmmaker on his next film. However, Vivek Agnihotri denied such rumors and said he will never work with her because she is a star actor.

Kangana Ranaut is one of the most talented actors in B-town. Her talent is appreciated all over the world and while there are lots of reports of Kangana working with Vivek, the latter has completely denied that.

Need actors, not stars 

Speaking normally about working with stars Vivek Agnihotri in an interview said, “My films don’t need stars. They need actors. When I started my journey 12 years ago I decided I will make my kind of film and I will never make a star-driven film. I firmly believe cinema is the writer and director’s medium.”


Kangana Ranaut had previously praised The Kashmir Files and had even slammed the silence of Bollywood members over the film.

“They have made such a great movie that Bollywood’s all sins have been washed away.” Please notice the pin-drop silence in the film industry about #thekashmirfiles not just content even its business is exemplary… investment and profit proportion might be such a case study that it will be the most successful and profitable film of the year,” she wrote on her Instagram story.